15-Yr-Old Left Home With Rs 300, Lived At Railway Station – Carved A 15 Crore Revenue Company Years Later

Adversities are a part of life and everyone faces them in their lifetime. The instances of adversities are the turning points that must be handled carefully. It’s up to us to make the necessary changes and plans to overcome the difficult times and emerge victorious.But this is easier said than done. Most people spend time interpreting the magnitude of their difficulty and not taking the actual measures. In such a time, one must learn about the difficulties other people faced before accomplishing success, such stories have the potential to bring people out of the virtual barrier created by their anxiety-ridden mind and fuel them with hope and energy to fight back.

The Story of Chinu Kala is a must-read for someone finding their difficulties ‘too big’.

An argument with her father reached a point where she was asked to leave the house. A young 15-yr-old Chinu left her parental home and embarked on a journey-unplanned. The first homeless night was spent at the Mumbai Central Railway station – the night felt darker amidst a gloomy time.

“I was a rebel and that’s what made me leave my home at the age of fifteen. I had only Rs 300 in my pocket. It was quite horrifying, scary, and stressful at the same time. I couldn’t stop thinking how will I survive once the 300 rupees got over ” – Chinu told KenFolios reminiscing the homeless-night she spent alone.

Chinu was not part of the usual crowd at the railway station and was soon spotted by a samaritan – a passerby lady. Chinu told the lady that she doesn’t have the option of going back when repeatedly insisted by the lady. Finally, the lady decided to help her and gave her an address where she could get a job and also an address for a dormitory where she could stay by paying Rs 25 per day. Having no other option, she started working as a direct sales girl and shifted to the dormitory.

“Being a door to door sales girl was a huge challenge for me and the success rate was very low.At Least 80 percent of the doors get slammed on your face and only a few people are kind enough to refuse politely. It takes lot of self motivation to get up the next day and start your day with the same vigor every day. I guess the experience made me stronger and helped me become whatever I am today.” Said Chinu.

Besides sales jobs, Chinu has also worked as a tele-caller, make-up artist, waitress, receptionist and emcee. With every passing day, Chinu learned and mastered the art of sales.

She got married in 2004. Some close friends and her husband all pushed her to participate in the Gladrags Mrs India pageant.

“I didn’t win the competition but I learnt the importance of accessories in a woman’s life. I realized that when a model got well-accessorized, her appearance would transform magnificently. This is where the seeds of Rubans Accessories was sowed.” said Chinu.

Chinu accumulated all her savings of years to launch her jewelry brand ‘Rubans Accessories’. Her vast understanding of sales helped her brand quickly establish a good repute. Since then there is no looking back for Chinu. Today, Rubans Accessories offers over two thousand designs in ethnic and western jewelry ranging from Rs 229 to Rs 10,000 per piece. Jewellery is available online as well as at their outlet Kochi.

“I feel so proud of making the decision back then at the age of fifteen. If I hadn’t been a rebel then, I would’ve never been able to accomplish the success that I always desired.” Says Chinu.

Chinu’s story is one of the sparse stories that make us believe that one can overcome any difficulty if one is determined to ‘succeed’.

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