17 Yrs And On This Journalist’s Handwritten Newspaper Still Finds Buyers

Media is the fourth pillar of democracy but the fact seems to be lost somewhere. Being a journalist is not just a job but also a social responsibility. It is like being a watchdog, communicating the happenings to the public without any addition or subtraction. Journalism is the force for progressive social change.

But today, the Indian media has become a war of TRPs. Everyone is in the race to get maximum eyeballs. From biased journalism to fake news, one-side opinions to thought manipulation, the profession has touched new lows. Today, when many journalists have lost their integrity, there are a few who are keeping journalism alive with their honest work.

Today, we are talking about a person who pursues journalism not to earn money but to bring in a positive change. Meet an independent journalist Dinesh Kumar who is fighting against fake news with his only weapon, his words, penned down on a white plain paper with black ink.

Hand-written newspapers since 17 years

Coming from Gandhi colony in Uttar Pradesh’s Muzaffarnagar, Dinesh is setting an example for all the journalists. This 53-year-old man neither has an office nor a printing machine or any employee. All he has is the passion which is driving him since past 17 years to run a newspaper named Vidya Darshan.

You will be surprised to know that Dinesh writes the entire newspaper with his hand. He writes a copy and then takes numerous photocopies of it, then taking it to people and also sticking it on various public places. He just has one acquaintance, his bicycle on which he travels to distribute his paper. 

Sells ice cream and chocolate

Dinesh does not come from a financially-stable family. He sells ice creams and chocolates to make ends meet. From a very young age, he wanted to do something for the society. He wanted to study law but he had to drop out of school after STD 8, owning to poverty. Dinesh was burdened with the responsibility of his family. So he started working and doing odd jobs, leaving his dreams behind.

However, Dinesh was not one of the people who would let their passion die. So he started writing his own newspapers and distributing it. He works from morning to dawn and does not have any kind of support to run his newspaper.

Bringing a positive change

Vidya Darshan does not contain any advertisements. Dinesh is just following his passion to do something for the society with his passion and grit. Everyday, since past 17 years, he goes to the district officers’ office and pens down the news in three hours. After that, he leaves for work.

Even after facing so many difficulties in life, Dinesh has never failed to get his newspaper. The thought of giving up or leave journalism never crossed his mind. Everyday, he raises a question on his edition and writes about it followed by news reports.

His entire newspaper is filled with not just his beautiful writings but also the problems of the society and its solutions.

Dinesh is one of the few people who restores our faith that something positive is happening in the society. It is not always about money but also about fulfilling the social responsibilities as a citizen of the country. He gets many offers in the local newspapers but he chooses to work independently, spreading positivity, one at a time.

KenFolios salutes his work and wishes him all the best for his life.

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