5000> Titles, 10 Crore> Copies Sold, 30 Crore> Readers – How Nrip Is Expanding A Decade-Old Publishing Company

Effecting a successful life after going through a long phase of the struggle is perhaps the perfect framework of an entrepreneurial success story, but in reality – sustaining success is far more intricate than attaining it. One who creates or inherits a big organization has to learn so many new things to keep their organization running. Detailed analysis of performance and reshaping the business-model to maintain its novelty is not easy. A single error can ruin years of efforts put in building an organization. For all the business enthusiasts, Nrip Jain’s story is exemplary about growing big on a strong fundamental.

Nrip Jain is the Head of Business Development Group at BPB Publications – a company started by his grandfather Padmashree Gyan Chand Jain in the year 1958. Nrip’s grandfather was a radio mechanic who ventured into writing manuals for radio repairs, and is also known for his work in literature. The company grew to 44 stores by the late ‘2010s. BPB has been one of the leading publishers of books about technology in India. With over 5000 titles that sold more than 10 crore books through BPBs retail stores and a robust network of 3000 plus dealers across the nation, BPB has been a loved publisher for 374 Universities, 10000 plus schools, and 4000 plus training institutes in India. Over the years, BPB partnered with almost all the leading tech companies in India and overseas.

Despite having such a strong base, it was not easy for Nrip to shape the age-old publishing business for the needs of the current times. After graduating from Lancaster University, United Kingdom, and doing a few internships in the UK and India, Nrip joined his family business in 2014.

“It is difficult for a business to create a new identity when they have an established image, but I geared-up for the brand revamp and started working on the newer business models.” Said Nrip in a chat with KenFolios.

The first realization for him was that BPB did not have any international presence, in just 2/3 years, Nrip established a strong network of over 250 channel partners and started translating and selling books globally.

“I kept a close eye on the content consumption habits of readers and soon ventured into the e-learning business.” Said Nrip. BPB has been organizing and sponsoring webinars and conferences about programming and technology. Nrip has been doing arduous efforts to bring world-class authors to curate content about anything and everything in technology. Starting from 5G, 6G, to Virtual and Augmented reality, BPB is publishing about everything that is ruling the tech world right now and continues to evolve in the next decade.

Nrip has also started efforts to increase the number of titles and raise it to up to 10000. The best thing about BPB is their books are priced in a manner they become valuable and affordable to everyone. A 400 page book by an author of international-fame for 299 is unbeatable. Moreover, BPB under the leadership of Nrip has collaborated with many U.S. companies to bring the affordable recreations of the world’s best technology books in India making expensive international books costing around Rs 3000 To Rs 4000 available in India for a price of Rs 400 To Rs 500.

BPB is also looking to invest upto 15 Million USD into startups that are related to technology and Ed-tech .

Nrip’s journey proves that one needs to unlearn the old traditional methods of doing something and relearn the ideas and tactics of the 21st century. He believed in the business of publications and has scaled it up in the right direction.

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