After Quitting Glamorous Career, He Faced 20 Rejections Before Becoming Blockbuster Author

Over the years, many eminent writers around the world have enriched the art of storytelling. In the current dynamic world of literature, there are many well-known writers who have excelled in this sublime art of writing and tasted success as well as created a distinct identity for themselves. Amish Tripathi is one such influential writer who bid goodbye to his 14-year-old corporate career to focus exclusively on writing.

Amish, who has earned a distinct fame throughout the world with his creative work, comes from a religious family. He spent his childhood in Orissa and Tamilnadu. The atmosphere at his home was different as his grandfather was a Pandit in Benaras who only had the interest in mythology. After completing the high school, Amish went to Mumbai where he did his graduation and then enrolled in Indian Institute of Management for further studies. After successfully completing the masters from IIM Kolkata, he started his career as a banker.

The mythological stories Amish heard from his grandfather in the childhood actually inspired him to start writing. Amish always had the hobby of reading and digging deep to unearth the legacies of unknown religious rites. This unique habit made him start writing the story of Shiva in his own, refreshing way. He developed a keen interest in writing that continued to grow, and in the end, he decided to leave his glamorous corporate career and become a full-time writer.

After completing his first book, the biggest challenge he faced was to find a willing publisher for his book. Amish said that after five long years of hard work he finally completed his first book in 2004. His first book was ‘The Immortals of Meluha’. But at first, more than 20 publishers had refused to publish his book. Finally, it was published by Westland Press in the year 2010 and it was a super-duper hit. This was the first book under Shiva trilogy as he wrote two more novels following the success of the first. This Shiva trilogy became the fastest-selling book series in India with around 2.5 million copies of the series being sold. This is also a record in itself.

Today, Amish Tripathi is one of the most famous and successful writers in the world. He also wrote a story for the Hollywood film industry and will soon start his series on Lord Rama. The first version of this much-awaited series has already hit the market. Till date, Amish Tripathi has earned over Rs 100 crore from his book sales.

The banker-turned-writer Amish’s journey was not an easy one and he had to struggle hard to overcome the initial days that were full of challenges and frustrations. He comes from a middle-class background yet dared to follow the call from his inner soul and quit his successful corporate career to become a full-time writer. He then ventured on writing mythologies in his own way, which is another challenge in itself. But he dared to take all these risks to follow his dream and did not give up even after facing repeated rejections from the publishers. Today, the whole world is witnessing his success.

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