Revisiting The Essence Of Mythology & Ayurveda: Siliguri-Based Entrepreneur Breaks The Medical Dogma

It is easy to delve into illusions about modern medicine but creating something that contests the whole notion of how we perceive medicinal therapy is challenging. Mr. Jaivardhan Agrawal is promoting wellness through a more efficient and transparent method. His brand, AyurVridhi, is created out of an amalgamation of Ayurvedic research, an understanding of Indian mythology, and the best ingredients sourced from across the country. AyurVridhi capsules uses a state-of-art technology that makes it stand out in the sea of other Ayurvedic medicines claiming to transform lives.

Jaivardhan Agrawal

“We make oil-filled transparent capsules instead of powder-filled capsules or tablets because powder or tablets take time to break down and be absorbed by the body,” ~ said Mr. Agrawal in an interview with KenFolios.

AyurVridhi’s core strength lies in the authentic ingredients and the oil-filled texture. Many other medicines in the market come with gelatine coating, which looks oil-filled but are not and have many preservatives and gluten. Anyone can consume the entirely vegan AyurVridhi capsules. The ingredients are sourced from different parts of the country, and nothing used in the process is foreign. Mr. Agrawal believes that the roots of Ayurveda have been in India and who else can provide better ingredients than Indians. The primary focus is to ensure that the ingredients are grown according to their season and in suitable climatic conditions, respecting nature’s clock. The process also helps empower the most backward farmers who have been farming organically by using sound practices. The company has made it a point to pay these farmers rightfully and give them a scope to bargain. 

From picking out the ingredients to the packaging, it is all done within India, making AyurVridhi a Make-in-India product. Each bottle is beautifully crafted and carefully packed to give the consumer a sense of trust. Mr. Agrawal also understands his responsibility towards nature and has made it a point to not use plastic from the start of the process until the bottle is packed and sealed. AyurVridhi as a brand is transparent, credible, and sustainable in its production. 

“We don’t shy away from saying that we’re truly Indian, our roots belong from the Hindu mythology, and that we are backed by solid research,” ~ Jaivardhan told KenFolios in the interview. 

“The culmination of AyurVridhi wouldn’t be possible without the support of my two brothers” ~ Acknowledged Jaivardhan during an interview with KenFolios.

The brand was launched on the 30th of April 2021, and within the first week, AyurVridhi has sold over 100 bottles. Mr. Agrawal plans on selling his product only through his website and brand stores across the country. AyurVridhi has also been recognized by Indian Achiever’s Forum for being India’s first brand to launch revolutionary Oil Filled Transparent Capsule Technology. He also understands his social responsibility and is keen on sourcing the ingredients from farmers from the remotest villages at fair prices while keeping the quality of his product intact. The prime focus here is to change the medicinal consumption habits of the people. Allopathic medicines can have lasting side effects, whereas Ayurvedic medicine has little to no side effects making it a more feasible choice for almost everyone. The brand had made sure to receive FDA, WHO, and ISO approvals before they dived into the market. It’s time we make the shift and choose wellness, both spiritual and physical.

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This story is written by Arshita Singh.

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