Amazing Story Of A Coolie From Tamil Nadu Who Now Heads Rs 2,500 Cr Empire

Here’s the story of a man who will change all your ideas of success. With truth, consistent hardwork, and simplicity, he has scaled amazing heights in business. He was unfortunate to be born in a dirt poor home so much so that going to school was a distant dream for him. Yes, the man in focus for today’s story has absolutely no background in education but he still became a heavyweight businessman.

This man first began working as a coolie on a harbour where he loaded and unloaded heavy bags from ships. At that time he only dreamed to get through each day but over the years went on to head a massive business empire worth millions of dollars. Such an inspiration!

The man in the picture is MG Muthu is a well-known face in the corporate India. The founder of MGM Group was born in a small village in Tamil Nadu to a father who worked as a labor in homes of landowners. Those were the days when the family did not get a meal everyday but MG hoped that he could someday, somehow change the fate of his life.

He recalls how sleeping on an empty stomach was not a surprise. When he was around 10, he saw children from the village attending school and he too joined for a few days but sitting in classroom fighting the hunger pangs was something he couldn’t do. He stopped going to school just a few days after he joined.

At such a young age, he joined his father and became a labor. This way they could get more food that the rich landowners threw their way. This went on for a few years and lifting sacks became part of Muthu’s life.

In 1957, he began working as a coolie on Madras port and after years of hardwork and marks on his back he managed to save some money. He also developed good relationships with people working in this sector and utilized his savings in a small business of providing logistics.

It is commendable that a coolie had dared to venture into a business where only the rich captured the market. The business got small vendors as its customers who took his goods loading and unloading services. During this time all Muthu focused on was to not give a single chance of complaining to his customers. He made sure that every task was delivered before time which made him his customer’s favorite and paved way for success to come. He established his empire and named it MGM Group.

Listening to stories of satisfied customers, bigger clients started coming his way which gave his business a stability for life. Today, MGM Group has become a leading logistics provider in the country. After tasting success in logistics, MGM Group started operating in coal and mineral mining, food chains and international hotels. There too the name reached great success.

Recently, the MGM Group acquired a Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh based drinks company. They manufacture many variety of liquor including vodka and whiskey. With every passing day, it is expanding its business in Karnataka, too.

Not only this, the company headed by a man who was once a coolie, has also got hold of Indian franchise of the Malasian fast food restaurant Marry Brown.

“Where there is a will, there is a way” This is the motto on which MG Muthu lived his life and did not quit working hard day after day. Despite all adverse conditions around him and no education to back him up, he made sure that he took a huge leap in life.

His story is highly inspiring and teaches us to be focused on getting better everyday.

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