At 18, Twin Brothers Gather Funding Worth Crores For Their Amazing Patents. Read How:

Many youngsters are proving the phrase that age is just a number. If you have talent and skills and the right energy, no one can stop you from attaining success. The fresh and new perspective is enough for them to create magic, one at a time, proving their worth to the world.

Today, we bring to you story of two brothers who have made their place in the research sector at a very young age. At a age where many children spend their time watching cartoons and playing video games, these boys were busy inventing things and surprising everyone around them.

Twin brothers Yashraj Bharadwaj and Yuvraj Bharadwaj are the heroes of today’s story. These 18-year-old boys spend their time researching and inventing things. Even before getting a degree, they had eight patent inventions under their name.

Yashraj and Yuvraj lives in Pashchim Vihar Enclave in Delhi. When they were in STD 6, they started developing interest in science and scientific research. They would study extensively on the subject and were hooked on to research journals and started writing research ideas when they were just 12.

“Since childhood, we would concentrate less on studies and more on finding solutions of problems around us. We never knew that we are researching or inventing something. We just wanted to understand the problems and find simple yet effective solutions for them,” says the duo in an interview with KenFolios.

Both of them were fond of playing cricket. They have also played in the national tournament but left the sport for their interest in research. At 12 years of age, they started a company for research work named Zenith Vipers. Today, they have three companies under them including Incuspaze and Insure Equity.

Talking about support from their parents, they say, “Like other parents, our parents were not convinced initially. They wanted us to pay attention towards our studies. Whenever we would go to science fairs and discuss our ideas with people, they would appreciate it. Gradually, after watching all that, our parents started having faith on us.”

Some of their interesting inventions

Bajra purifier:  This invention by Yuvraj and Yashraj is one of its kind, which gained recognition from the State Ganga River Conservation Agency. In this, water is purified with the help of Bajra, which removes all the chemicals, heavy metals, and harmful elements from the water. Interestingly, the purifier does not need electricity or any energy.

According to Yuvraj, with the help of this purifier, rivers are cleaned. Carbonic acid is present inside the Bajra that purifies the impure water. The duo aim at providing clean and healthy water to everyone in the country.

Brain controlled drone: This is one of the interesting inventions by the brothers. In this, the drone is controlled by the brain. If the brain thinks to shut off the lights, the drone will turn the lights off. With this invention, people who are physically challenged will get a lot of help. One can control lights, fan, TV, laptop, and even their vehicle with their brain with the help of this drone.

All in one medical assistance machine: With the help of this portable device, a person can do all their body tests like blood pressure, sugar, ECG, temperature at once. The device costs Rs 6,000 and anyone can send the ECG report of a heart patient to the doctor. This device is helpful for those who stay alone and cannot step out of the house much.

Apart from all these, Yuvraj and Yashraj have invented air purifiers, a smart parking device called park My Vehicle, and also a smart bomb defusing device. They have eight patent inventions and are working on 36 research papers. Al, there are 15 patent under their company’s name.

After making Bajra purifier, a South African organization offered them fellowship of 1 lakh dollar. They used the money to form their first company Zenith Vipers. Many organisations have given them fellowship worth 50,000 dollars.

The brothers were honoured with the Karmaveer Chakra last year. They have also made their place in Forbes 30 under 30 list.

Yashraj and Yuvraj are inspiration for all those people who want to do something in their life but stop because of their age. They have shut everyone’s mouth who think that young people can not do much in life. We wish them all the best for their future.

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