Big Leap: At 25, She Launched A Restaurant That Cooks What It Grows

Everything we see around us, from skyscrapers to the smartphone in our hands, comes from a small idea. An idea that was simple and non-existent until someone decided to build it into greatness. It is not the simplicity that matters, but it is the amount of work that takes the idea to a whole new level. Behind every problem the world is facing today, is facing today, there’s a solution. But, it all hides within an idea that needs to be worked on.

Shraddha Bhansali (now 26), founder and the managing director of Candy and Green found a solution to one such problem with her idea. Candy and Green is a restaurant which focuses on exceptional customer hospitality and serves clean vegetarian food. The best part is that the ingredients are grown in the restaurant itself.

The journey behind a simple idea

Shraddha belongs to a business-class family hailing from Mumbai. After completing her schooling she moved to the US to study Hospitality and Business Management from Boston University. She moved back to Mumbai in 2014 where she started working in a five-star hotel. Although she was paid a handsome amount for her work, she had always wanted to be able for starting up her own restaurant.

Shraddha dreamt of having a place where people would be served food that’s natural and home-grown, which will promote healthy eating with good taste. Her inspiration for cooking came from her mother. As she saw her mother cook for the family, taking care of everyone’s health and always forcing to eat the good food, she wanted to take the message to the people.

Her biggest challenge was developing a concept for the restaurant. As the ingredients are to be grown there itself, changing season and choice of vegetables would be something she has to manage well. Because of this, she decided that the menu will change every season, accordingly. Good vegetarian food that pleases the taste of customers is something not easy to make, but Shraddha has cracked the code to do it.

“We don’t shy away from indulgent dishes, but the ingredients are consciously sourced,” said Shraddha in a Forbes interview.

Getting the big break

After its launch in February 2017, her restaurant got critically acclaimed by magazines and food writers from all over India. The restaurant is located on the fourth floor of Hubtown Skybay, Bhulabhai Desai Rd in Beach Candy and the ingredients are grown on the fifth floor in a 400 square feet garden and is open for view to customers.

Candy and Green restaurant has been called rising star by CNBC Awaaz, and Shraddha herself was featured in the Forbes India’s 30 under 30. With her restaurant’s huge success, she now plans to start another restaurant that is supposed to cater to the needs of the common man. She wants to provide them food at a cheaper rate for a regular customer base, but with the same hospitality and care.

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