Bonded Labour’s Son, Now Owns Companies Worth Over Rs 1,800 Crore

Yes, you have read it right! This story is about a man who grew up in extreme poverty but managed to establish big companies that bring in a turnover of between Rs 75 crore and Rs 90 crore each. Coping with all the difficulties since childhood, today this Dalit boy is the proud owner of MMR group which runs 20 profitable companies and providing employment to thousands of people.

Born and brought up in a family of an illiterate labor in Andhra Pradesh’s Prakasam district, Mannam Madhusudan Rao‘s life was full of struggles and misery. For generations, his family had provided inexpensive labour to the local landlords. His father was working as a bonded labor while his mother was working in a tobacco factory. Inspired by neighbors who managed to find jobs after studying engineering, Rao’s father sent him and his elder brother to school. After completing the early education, his father sent him to social welfare hostel for scheduled caste/tribe children for the purpose of achieving higher education.

His brother went on to take a degree in engineering while Rao earned a diploma at a polytechnic because his parents felt that might be a safer option. But sadly they were sought reference for getting a job everywhere. They finally became disheartened and Rao took up construction work with his siblings in Hyderabad. At the same time he also worked as a security guard, so that he could have managed to earn some extra wages to support family’s bad economical situation. Despite education he was doing menial jobs and the days were gloomier than ever.

One day, waiting to be interviewed for a job at a firm of engineers, he overheard an executive talk about the immediate need for workers to lay cables. Rao offered to get the required number of labourers and earned a profit of Rs 25,000. This success inspired him to start a company. He laid the foundation and started his own venture as MMR Group.

Initially, he expanded his business in the field of labor contracting for telecom majors such as Tata Teleservices and Vodafone, and at the top of business, was maintaining 32,000 km of optic fibre cable across five states.

Today MMR group is running 20 successful companies in each and every major sector from telecom to infrastructure, construction, mining and software. Under his infrastructure projects, he is racing to complete an entire township in Rajahmundry, a project worth Rs 250 crore.

Success comes with strong determination and never dying spirit. 42-year-old Rao is a living example.

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