Boy Next Door Quit Job As CA, Stunned Everyone By Building Marketing Firm Worth Crores

Each one of us nurtures a dream that we want to see come true. Few believe in the depth of their dreams and take a plunge of faith without caring about the consequences. However, this is only a fraction of people. Rest others decide to take calculated risks and build a safe net before taking the leap.

Today, the man in picture is Dipak Agarwal. He was lucky and observant enough to realize that his interest lay in marketing business and that he needed a steady career before he could take his dream ahead. Owing to this, he first completed his education and became a chartered accountant in 2011. He interned with Ernst and Young, Delhi and then worked there for one year after becoming a CA.

After an year spent working, Dipak started a sole proprietorship business in 2011. He decided to follow his passion and thus came the inception of Onex Solutions in 2013.

This Kolkata-born, St Xavier’s College graduate briefed KenFolios about his company. “OneX Solutions Private Ltd is a young company which has created an impression in digital market. We in OneX Solutions create better customer experience by combining the use of technology, creativity and analytical expertise to improve branding of your products and services through Mobile Marketing. We are working with few national brands like OLA Cab, Shopper’s Stop, Asian Paints, KFC, Tech Mahindra, etc.”

His father being a businessman gave Dipak the required amount of motivation and Deepak could always relate to him in terms of business. When Dipak stepped down in market, he could see that it was quite tough down there. The major setback was how to communicate with the consumers. How to reach customers with help of Bulk SMS and promote business; another roadblock was that people were not aware of opportunities of emerging new technologies so it was difficult connecting with them.

Thus came the low hitting phase for Dipak. He was left with a bootstrapped business and was running it solely. This phase tested his determination and he was left pondering how to sustain in the market when he had to do all the tasks on his own. There were moments where he hit the threshold but the thought of quitting never crossed his mind.

Deepak recalls his vision from when he was in STD 7 —

“I had a vision when I was in STD 7, to bring my IPO. That drove me to take my company further to achieve success and bring value proposition for stakeholder with IPO in next five years.”

His organisation Onex Solutions was bootstrapped. He derived money from the mutual funds and savings of his earlier jobs for five to six months before the liquidity came. He was determined to take the course of business on his own despite the ups and downs but fate played a major role when he got married to a chartered accountant. His wife took over the business as the Director and took care of the accounts section.

With employee strength of 18, the offices are located in Kolkata, Mumbai, NCR, and Delhi. This year the organisation is looking forward to revenue of Rs 3 to 3.5 crore.

His core strength comes from his ability to innovate and being honest in the job. His business is expanding through franchisee and at present, apart from the existing centres his business is also growing in Baroda and Guwahati.

“In last year, we decided to share this success secret via franchisee and helped 80 plus people join hands in this success journey. At present we have three people who just joined few months ago and we are getting very positive response for it.”

His message to the readers is “I have taken courage to achieve my dream and in case you also aim, take the plunge and believe in yourself at all steps.”

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