Brotherhood To Fortune – From Rs 10k A Month To A Multi Crore Business Empire

15 years back, who knew what started as a mere distribution chain of battery parts, would turn into a heavy revenue churning business model. Meet Agarwal brothers, Sachin Agarwal, and Sumit Agarwal who are running a company with a turnover of Rs.150 crores.

The Power of suggestion and how it worked

Sachin Agarwal grew up in a humble background with his elder brother, Sumit. His father, J.P Agarwal tried his luck in several businesses but eventually could not make it any better than sufficing the family needs. Sachin was sure a bright kid in school where he used to be a ranker, everyone used to call him a ‘Future Biggie’. Recalling his youth, Sachin says “thankfully, people around us (Sachin and Sumit) always blessed us with phrases like ‘You’ll are going to make it big’ and I feel the power of suggestion has worked in my favour.”

Sachin wanted to become a Chartered Accountant and his brother, Sumit wanted to be an IIT’ian, however, things didn’t work out in their favor because of their financial condition. That was the day when he felt that he is going to change the fate in such a way that there won’t be any more sacrifices of will.

The Secret Mantra of success right from the horse’s mouth

“The bigger problem you solve, the bigger money you make,” says Sachin in an interview with KenFolios. Sachin and his brother have been in the battery distribution business for 15 years now. He continues “Before following entrepreneurship, you must have to break some rules that had been set by the previous players. There will be extremely tough times, but only when you do not give up is when you qualify to be a successful entrepreneur.”

In the year 2006, they started distributing batteries like Microtech and Exide. Back then, Tamil Nadu faced a major issue of the power cut, and that helped in flourishing the battery inverters business. Then in the year 2013, they started distributing Luminous batteries. Started with a single outlet in Bangalore, gradually opened 6 outlets there.

Reminiscing the days, he says ‘I didn’t know any south Indian language back then, however now I give motivational speeches in Kannada and I have traveled across South India’

The key to their success is solving the problems of the brand, distributors, and the consumer. He feels that no business gets widely established if it isn’t solving an emerging problem. That’s what they did when they tied up with Mossimo, they traveled across states to identify everyone’s problem and they figured out the solutions, be it for the manufacturer or the consumer.

Being an entrepreneur since the beginning, helped Sachin grow this business. Even in childhood, he used to get involved in his father’s business after school.

The journey ahead and future goals

Sachin and Sumit have finally launched their battery brand called Redon, where they are planning to cut the never-ending distribution chain which he feels is a waste of time and money. His product will directly be available to consumers.

Being in the battery business for so long, he opted to launch a brand of batteries because he always had the urge to launch his brand. He is aiming for Rs. 1000cr turnover for Redon in the next five years, and by far we know him enough to believe this.

Sachin feels that one should do the business of what they’re very good at and has immense knowledge of that particular product or service. He feels that the known devil is always better than the unknown and that’s why he launched a brand of Batteries and Inverters. He feels that business ideas need not be complicated, it’s just the story that you build around your brand matters.

It sure is an inspiring journey filled with emotions and hard work, it all started with a determination of making it big. Sachin’s journey is proof that your fate is in your hands and that consistent hard work in the right direction has the potential to change it.

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