Brutally Wounded And Abused, This Is How A Suicidal Woman Became A Success Story

Strength is something which makes you rise your head up even in the most gruesome of times. For a woman who is hospitalized after being brutally beaten up by her husband, her only strength to give life an attempt is her children. This ray of hope gave a dying woman so much strength that she is now heading empire worth millions of rupees and is living a life away from all fears.

Bharati Sumaria was born in a middle-class household in the outskirts of Mumbai in Bhiwandi. Her conservative father did not allow her to study beyond STD 10 and married her off hoping she would have a happy life ahead. Little did he know that the man he had trusted with his daughter was an absolute nightmare.

Soon after the marriage, Bharati gave birth to a girl and then to twin boys in quick succession. Her husband was unemployed and squandered away the money he got as rent from properties his father had built. Sanjay would beat up Bharati over nothing and as the time passed he grew more and more violent. It became a usual affair that Bharati would need to be hospitalized with blood all over her and scars on her body.

To escape this horror Bharati sought shelter at her parent’s house but she knew she had to return to her husband only to get beaten even more severely. She spent every second day under terror fearing her husband would come and beat her. For months she would not leave her house and her human interaction became almost zero. She was getting closer to committing suicide with each passing day.

At a time when it was completely dark her children became her ray of hope. They encouraged her to learn new things, take part in local competitions, and break the cycle of depression. Her family, especially Bharati’s brother, tried to pull Sanjay into work but all he did was waste money and run away from responsibilities. Upon seeing this Bharati suggested her brother that she should start working to raise her children.

Her brother encouraged the suggestion and in 2005 Bharati set up a small factory where she produced small objects like toothbrush, boxes, tiffin boxes etc on orders. Her father took a loan of Rs 6 lakh to help her daughter and Mulund became a place where she began working with just two labors. More than a source of money, Bharati looked at work as something that was pulling her out of depression. She did not want to sink into her horrid personal life.

Even now the incidents of violence did not stop. Her husband would beat her in the house and out in the public in front of her neighbors. “Reaching out to the police did not help as he had a lot of connections in the police department,” Bharati told KenFolios. She would take one day at a time and concentrated on the happiness of her children.

After three-four years Bharati stepped up and started another unit focusing on PET preform where they would make plastic bottles. She personally took charge of quality control ensuring high customer satisfaction. This earned her a reputation and soon she began getting orders from heavyweights like Cipla, Bisleri etc.

Three years back in 2014, Sanjay attacked her again. This time he started beating her in her factory as her employees watched. This was the last straw for her children and they asked their father to never return. Today, Bharati has expanded her business to four factories which do a collective annual turnover of more than Rs 4 crore and has built fortunes for all her children.

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