Case In Point: How 20-Year-Old Shaiphali Proves There Can Be Only One For The Kitchen And The Soul

We often hear people saying ‘one for the kitchen and one for the soul’, but it is easier said than done to make it happen in life. Choosing a more practical career does not guarantee job satisfaction and chasing a hobby or a passion may not be feasible – maybe mystifying as well. In a world where people pursuing their hobbies to institute a successful career are thin on the ground – Jaipur girl Shephali is one who demystified the chase-your-passion-theory with utter zeal.

Shaiphali developed a fascination for music as she grew in a middle-class Jaipur family. Her family spent almost all their savings to send Shaiphali to Berklee College Of Music, Boston. Shaipahli completed her Apple Certification Course in audio engineering and soon got a job at Bangalore, India. But before reporting for the new job, she detoured to Jaipur for a break. While at Jaipur, she came across unexpected yet enthralling ideation. Her brother suggested that she should teach music in Jaipur instead of doing the job of a sound engineer at Bangalore.

Her brother’s suggestion was soothing to her inner-self yet hard to accept because parents had already spent everything to educate her from the best place, and the idea of skipping a job could have struck over the head of her parents. But the thought stayed in her mind and she decided to give it a try. Having no courage to approach her parent to spend any money on her unpretentious music venture, she, along with her brother, collected all the scrap material from their home and sold it for Rs 700. The sibling spent Rs 200 to watch a movie and used the remaining Rs 500 for printing a flex banner for her music classes. She only got one inquiry from a medical student who wanted to learn music as a hobby, but, after interacting with Shaiphali, he decided to pursue music as a career.  That one inquiry influenced her thought process and she gained the confidence to continue her music classes and to convince her parents.

It took Shaipahali some time to have several students, but as time passed, she built a repute and the number of students increased. One fine day, a young aspiring singer approached her to learn music – introduced herself as Hritisha Rawadia. Hritisha was acquainted with Classical Singing but also had an interest in Western Music. Shaiphali trained her in western music to become a famous opera singer. 

“I am extremely grateful to Shaiphali for making me realize my potential, before meeting her, I didn’t even know what opera singing was.” – Said Hritisha in a chat with KenFolios.  

Shaiphali and Hritisha gelled well and soon became business partners and named their music institute “Angel’s Music Academy.” Consistent hard work has rewarded the duo with fame and money. The activity started with a flex banner outside Shaipahali’s home has enlarged to a three-story music academy. They teach music and instruments along with advanced music engineering, but the focus is on training students to pursue music as a business. 

Shaipahli feels that most people learn music as a hobby and don’t make it a career fearing or assuming the struggles. She thinks that one can make a living with their musical talent if they have a proper grasp of the music industry. 

“Music business involves many other aspects like copyrights, production, audio mastering, brand jingles, etc., one should have a rigorous knowledge of how the business in the music industry works before diving in the sea.” – Shaipahli told KenFolios.

“One can make a good living with their talent c by having the right knowledge of the music business. The business involves many aspects like copyrights, Production, audio mastering, brand jingles, etc, etc. One should have a rigorous knowledge of how the business in the music industry works before diving in the sea. There are several ways to monetize your talent which and the subject is also an integral part of our institute.”

Shaipali – who risked her career before it took off – just to pursue her passion – runs a diverse and famous music institute in the capital city of Rajasthan. Her story is a prominent example of how risk can be accompanied by a sense of business to convert your hobby into a business. Youngsters like Shaipahli do not leave any doubt to believe that there can be only one for the kitchen and the soul.

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