Circumstances Made Him An Ola Driver But He Only Knew Hardwork. Now An Armyman

Life has no shortcuts and the only route to glory lies in sheer determination and hard work. We, as individuals, have lost the essence of living by sitting back and enjoying the unproductive lifestyle we survive in.

In the midst of chilling with mediocrity, 25-year-old Om Paithane had a turnaround when he met an auspicious individual on what people may call a rather regular day. Once a Ola cab driver is now serving the nation as an Army Officer.

Tragic Period of Hardships

Om belongs to Tondal village in Pune. His father was a cab driver and his mother, a homemaker. The family was struggling to suffice for their requirements while tragedy struck. Om’s father lost his legs in an accident and was practically immobile which rendered him to take up a job as a security guard. Om took it upon himself to help contribute towards the finances of the family.

He was doing his Bachelor’s in computer science when the incident happened. Being a responsible son, he took the profession of an Ola driver to help make ends meet. “My father was a driver for almost 25 years and did not want us to get into that profession and wanted us to get more educated. Om would hide from him that he is driving,” said Adinath, Om’s brother.

Destiny is a wicked play, and against the wishes of his father, Om found himself on the road behind the steering. But one ride changed his destiny.

The journey unfolds

Om’s dreams were shaped by a passenger who happened to be a retired Colonel in the Indian Army. Colonel Bakshi, the supernatural passenger, spoke to Om during the ride and encouraged him to serve the nation.

Om recalls that Colonel Bakshi was the one who suggested about the opportunities in the armed forces and the Combined Defence Service exams and even referred him to Lt. Col. Ganesh Babu, the then Director, Armed Forces Officers Selection Orientation Programme.

“We started to talk and he told me about the combined defence services examination and the endless opportunities it brings,” says Om.

After six months of encounter with Colonel Bakshi, Om appeared for the CDS examinations and cleared it in the very first attempt. Thereafter, there was no looking back.

He also cleared the Service Selection Board exam in Bhopal to be able to join the Officers Training Academy for a year-long training. Om was one of the 257 cadets who were commissioned from Chennai’s Officers Training Academy on March 10, 2018.

Moments of Pride

“I made the first call to the retired officer when I got through. He was guiding me throughout. I remember the careless version of me. Though I enjoyed it, this life is better. The training has taught me discipline and manners, which I am proud of,” Om recalls.

His brother claims that he is truly an inspiration for all those struggling to improve their lives with limited resources. Om has truly made his family proud with this big an achievement. His father proudly narrates that his son was always inclined towards the defence services. “He always wanted to get into Army. We are proud that he has gone for the service of the country.”

This gentleman cadet takes pride while still staying humble in the turnaround of events in his life. People now look up to him and his uniform with great respect and dignity. He is indeed a perfect example who proves that anything can be achieved with strong dedication and determination.

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