Cleared IPS Exam In 1st Attempt, Here’s All About The Icon Of Fitness For All Govt Officials

The government officials in the nation are usually recognized by their protruding belly as a status symbol. But, there are few officials that give even film stars a run for their money when it comes to fitness. Such is the example of Sachin Atulkar, an IPS officer.

Born in Bhopal, he always had the knack of being different from the mob. His father is a retired forest officer and his brother works in military services. Such a background always encouraged him to serve the nation. The same was the case with fitness and he grew up around people who followed strict guidelines and this inspired him.

His childhood revolved around government officials so it wasn’t a surprise when he decided to be a part of carrying a similar taste in occupation. Although, this wasn’t his only decision, he believed to be an IPS officer, physical fitness was a must. He toiled and put in strenuous hours to build a picture perfect body by joining the gym and doing yoga.

Ever since childhood, Sachin was a great scholar. He won medals for his academic records. Study wasn’t his only forte; he had immense love for sports, too. Given his interest in sports he participated in cricket in 1999 at national level. Besides playing cricket, he was also inclined to learn horse riding. As a result of his interest in horse riding he trained in it during his IPS training. This came as a turning point in his life when he won gold medal in national horse riding tournament in 2010.

He went on to earn many awards in sports and yoga further on. His exercise regime follows – chest and triceps exercise, back and triceps exercise, cardio, leg stretching, and relaxing, to name a few.

Cracking civil services in first attempt, Sachin is an icon for the police department in Madhya Pradesh. He is posted in Ujjian at the designation of Superintendent of Police. He qualified the civil services exam in first attempt just after he completed his graduation. Daring, but a cool-head is what can be used to describe Atulkar.

Even in his busy schedule, he finds out time for exercising and also does yoga occasionally. He follows a strict schedule and has his daily routine sorted out. He finds time for the things he loves to avoid taking charm out of life. He does his duty diligently and makes sure all the tasks are taken care of end to end.

When he started hitting the gym he met an instructor who helped him carve his body. According to Sachin, gym and yoga take stress out of the body and keeps mind fresh thus enabling him to take care of his duties with more concentration. It also helped him in grooming his personality and keeping the mind cool. Atulkar maintains proper diet, regular exercise, and takes adequate rest for successful bodybuilding. The combination of all the three aspects are always the most successful and efficacious way of attaining the goal. While the diet nourishes your body, regular exercise tones the physique and rest encourages growth in the right direction.

“For most of us it is very easy to wake up every morning and say “I’m tired”. But the thought of a well-built structure and bulging muscles of yourself will certainly drive you out of your beds. Just retain the will and determination, you will find time for gym. There are times when you would have to compromise with your work schedule and sleep, but if you schedule things wisely, nothing can stop you!”

He has a loyal following on his Facebook page and the subscribers like and share his each and every post religiously. His personality is so mesmerizing that he becomes the center of attention wherever he goes.

He brings inspiration to the young generation of country. Nothing is too difficult goal to achieve if you have the determination to follow your dreams and follow a proper regime. Consistency and perseverance are very important in case you believe in chasing your dreams. You must never let failure get to your head and that is where half battle is won.

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