Unable To Walk Till The Age Of 12 – At 30, He Became World Heavyweight Wrestling Champion

Growing up in a humble Rohtak based family from the Indian state of Haryana, Sangram spent most of his childhood on the bed due to joint infection caused by acute arthritis. The disease made him so weak that his bones got a fracture even with a gentle push. Sangram’s mother had a strong belief that he will walk on his feet someday. Mother’s prayers and efforts accompanied by unshaken will, helped him defeat acute arthritis. Today, Sangram is an accomplished wrestler having won plentiful titles and awards like the Commonwealth Heavyweight Championship, and also, a personal felicitation by the Prime minister of India, Narendra Modi, for his stupendous success in the wrestling arena.

The Days That Shaped His Career

Sangram Singh spent his childhood in Rohtak, Haryana, where the Akhada culture was the most sought-after thing amongst youth. When Sangram saw wrestling for the first time, he witnessed that the wrestlers are getting food to eat and milk to drink. His financially unstable family background briskly attracted him towards wrestling, and the healthy diet wrestlers availed. 

“I remember approaching one of the wrestling coaches to enquire about the process of enrolling to wrestling, he just laughed aloud and said that I should be grateful even if I’ll ever be able to stand on my feet anytime in future, and that hit me hard.” Said Sangram about his initial motivation as a wrestler. 

Sangram’s motivation got refilled every time someone made fun of his physical inability. His rocketing determination and various Ayurvedic practices followed by his mother, eventually, made Sangram stand on his feet. Enthralled by his newly accomplished physical strength, Sangram soon joined a local wrestling training center(Akhada). It was just the start, but the journey was not going to be easy. Sangram dedicated his life to wrestling and started training round-the-clock.

‘‘It’s all about the mindset that you preserve. Your body is limitless and if you train your mind accordingly, there’s nothing unachievable.” – Sangram Told KenFolios

The Journey To The Top

Sangram’s consistent efforts made him grow as a professional wrestler, from local to national, and national to international.

Recalling those days, Sangram says – “I remember when I used to do wrestling for Rs. 50 just to suffice my hunger, there was no other option left for me.”

Despite the challenges like career-threatening injuries and financial worries, Sangram continued his sprint as a professional wrestler and continued his success. He won many titles in the 96 kg and 120 kg heavyweight category, representing Delhi Police and India. Due to his popularity as a wrestler, he got various opportunities in the Indian entertainment industry and appeared in many TV shows, a few movies, and Radio Shows.

After achieving all the success and fame, Sangram sets another rare example by staying connected to his roots. He accredits all his success to the people who helped him grow in adverse circumstances. With the few-and-far-between preparedness to give back to society, Sangram is shaping himself as a health guru, a mentor, and a philanthropist. 

Sangram spends most of his time at his home town, where he mentors around 300 youngsters. Maybe, someday, one of his students fulfills his dream of getting an Olympic Gold for India, something he could not win despite utmost efforts. Sangram’s journey is one of those thin-one-the-ground stories that instill hope in common people for achieving the uncommon, beating all the odds.

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