Couplepreneuers’ Powerful Idea Got Ratan Tata’s Backing, Now Set To Make It Big

Entrepreneurship is about ideas that solve a problem – make a difference, but it is not just about an idea – entrepreneurship is also about the courage to float an idea. For one to become a businessperson, they will have to select an existing industry, use their knowledge, and gain more of it – use their resources and contacts in place to make profits. But for one to become an entrepreneur, they will have to ideate something innovative and also possess extraordinary courage to back their idea till anyone else does. But when you have an exceptional idea and courage, you can also get the backing of the likes of Ratan Tata.

The story of exemplary couplepreneurs Aditi Bhosale-Walunj and Chetan Walunj perfectly explains the importance of the fusion of ideation and courage in entrepreneurship. Aditi studied forensic and international relations, while Chetan managed his family business of a petrol pump before they got married in the year 2015. Unlike most of the married couples, Aditi and Chetan prioritized their entrepreneurial zeal and decided to become partners on another front – they were all set to do something impactful but yet to ideate.

Their relentless efforts ended up with a ‘relentless and positive’ idea that also named their company ‘Repos Energy.’ Their company is about solving a much-ignored problem of ‘dead mileage’ that happens when a commercial transit utility runs for extras like moving to a fuel station to refuel. The couple decided to start their service of the doorstep delivery of diesel. Millions of commercial vehicles transit to refuel every day, causing unnecessary fuel consumption and pollution as well.  The idea of Repos Energy is to deliver fuel to the end-user and help them skip the dead mileage.

“Every day Indians consume 27 cr liters of diesel, and even that 5-10% of diesel we are losing in dead mileage – Aditi Told KenFolios

The thought of doorstep delivery of diesel required a lot of research to ensure safety. The idea underwent iterations to make it safe and efficient before Repos introduced their RMPP( Repos Mobile Petrol Pump). The couple also reached out to leading companies from the automobile industry to propel their idea. The power of their idea got the attention of Ratan Tata who then invited the duo for a discussion, it was a dream come true for the couple. Ratan Tata also assured the couple to offer mentorship for the project. Since then, Repos has been relentlessly working with Tata Motors and other leading automobile companies.

Our Diesel delivery via e-commerce can save 1600,000 liters in 2020-21 itself and is expecting to save 16,000,000 liters of diesel by the year 2023-24. This will prevent carbon emission by 31,474,563,200 kg – Chetan told KenFolios.

Repos has recently launched its double dispenser mobile petrol utility that features two high-speed dispensers and many new technologies like an IoT controller, advanced brake interlock system for extra safety, geo-fencing, and fuel sensors. The company has registered three patents for its Repos Mobile Petrol Pump. Backed by its accomplishments to date, the company is set to raise a $30 million Series-A funding and sell 3500 units of their RMPP (Repos Mobile Petrol Pump).

“VO Alpha is an innovation that will help and revolutionize the Indian Fuel distribution system. The machine uses the stability triangle to balance the liquid equilibrium and is a flame-proof model. Something that India needs and will be proud of for years to come, says Aditi.”

Repos provisioned the doorstep delivery of Diesel during the Covid-19 lockdown. Their efforts during the Covid-19 lockdown served as an example and proved the importance of doorstep delivery of fuel.

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