Covid19 Extended Fight! Here’s KenFolios’ #StandWithstand Campaign And Suggestions

Mankind’s battle with Covid19 has entered a new phase as nations across the globe are preparing to recover from this unanticipated crisis. Parallelly, Covid19 is spreading uncontrollably as we are yet to find a cure for this deadly virus. KenFolios had published a few suggestions for the authorities in the early phase of the Covid19 lockdown in April 2020 (Read here: 15 Ways We Indians Can Improve On Our Battle With Covid19). As our fight continues, here is yet another version of “Suggestions By Team KenFolios For Covid19 Crisis”. 

The lock-down became inevitable as the Covid19 situation worsened unpredictably in March 2020, but allowed us time to comprehend-before-reacting – all at the cost of a compromised economy though. Now that the task-list against Covid19 is appended with economic and mental health challenges, below are our specific suggestions.

#Continuing The Battle On The Physical Health Front

No major changes to the current strategy adopted by various governments can be considered as it may impair the mechanism built over the past two months, but a “Non-Containment Zone” approach can also be operated along-with the “Containment Zone” strategy. The Unlock-down was necessary for plenty-of-reasons, but it also contaminated the places which remained “Green Zones” during lock-down. The Non-Containment Zone approach will allow us to create and index “Green Zones”. While people inside such “Green Zones” can move freely anywhere and everywhere (of course with all the Covid19 protocols), no outside person can set-foot-in such “Green Zones”. Slowly and steadily, independent “Green Zones” can be attached making it a larger green zone allowing increased mobility. 

This approach will shrink the “Red Zones” and people who have passed the necessary checks can move to the “Green Zones” for long-term(till we defeat Covid19), if possible. Movement of healthy people can not be forced as many of them will not be in a position to move to different locations, but the ones who can, must!

#Confronting Economic Challenges

Our April 2020 post talked about suggestions to handle the economic challenge. Still, a personal approach towards financial stability is discussed in the mental-health section below.

#Sustaining The Mental Strength

Our attitude will define the intensity of our efforts in the fight against Covid19. The more positivity will prevail – the more intensified efforts will be made by us. Thus, the authorities should launch loud campaigns to cope-up the negativity brought by Covid19.

Also, KenFolios is running a campaign #StandWithstand in an attempt to get through the negative notion due to Covid19. This campaign invites readers to tag their random friends and invite them for a telephonic courtesy-call. Tagged people can respond to the person who tagged them in comments or messenger(private chat) if they wish to participate.

It is scientifically proven that a conversation between people with similar problems can help minimize the stress at both ends(Read Here: Two stressed people equals less stress). Individuals participating in the #StandWithstand campaign can talk about their well-being, the situations at their current places, precautions to be taken(Covid19 Awareness), any help that can be extended, etc.

Moreover, people can also share professional opportunities with others. Covid19 is not the end to all possibilities, let’s unearth the opportunities, talk, withstand.

Take Care Everyone!

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