COVID19 WARRIOR: Traveler Who Saved For His Dream Camera, Utilised The Funds In Sending Foreigners To Their Home Amidst Lockdown

The Nation suddenly came to a standstill when the lockdown was first announced by PMO India on 22nd March, 2020. At first, we thought it would continue for 21 days, however it went on for various months as the Covid cases were rising rapidly. It hampered the nation in various ways. The economy kept on crashing down, unemployment went on to be the highest until now, many lost their loved ones due to unavailability of admission in hospitals and lots more. 

One of the major effects was on the tourists and migrants from different countries who were stuck in India. The feeling of getting stranded far away from home is the worst, you couldn’t imagine how bad it could be especially in such critical times. Shubham Dharmsktu  from Uttarakhand witnessed how the foreigners in our country were perceived as the reason for Covid spread and thrown out of the hotels and guest houses.

“It was a heart wrenching phase when the foreigners were treated like animals by some people and the hate for them was constantly rising.” Said Shubham in a chat with KenFolios.

Shubham couldn’t sleep at night with the same thought in his mind. After gathering some courage, he finally took the much needed initiative of sending the migrants back to their country. Obviously, it wasn’t a cakewalk. Shubham posted on social media about the initiative and in no time he got hundreds of requests. It was realistically difficult to suffice every request, so he started gathering funds from his peers and gave up on his savings of Rs. 2 lacs that he saved to buy his dream camera. 

Shubham is an avid traveler, he is known for climbing Himalayas and walking from Kanyakumari to Kashmir. On these trips, he never booked a hotel. He always approached the locals and stayed with them. “It’s very fortunate of me that people I met on my trips were so welcoming. That’s what enabled me to complete such unrealistic trips.” Said Shubham.

Being treated like home on his adventures was the reason that hit him hard to take the initiative of sending foreigners back to their respective homes. It was like giving it back to the society that he is extremely grateful for.

Shubham asked all the foreigners to gather in Delhi as most of the embassies are in Delhi. From there, he planned a travel itinerary and sent them back home. Amongst the foreigners, there was a pregnant lady whose boyfriend left her and she refused to go back to her home under the fear of being rejected by her family. Shubham helped her get the baby delivered amidst lockdown and bought a place for her in Uttarakhand that enabled her to start a new life with her child. 

Till now, he has sent 1500 foreigners to their homes safely and everyone is highly grateful to him for doing the noble work. The foreigners who went back to their countries, spoke to the media about their experience in India. This got India a global recognition in terms of hospitality. 

People usually don’t give up on their dreams for a noble cause but Shubham is one of a kind hero who did and we are extremely proud of him. “I can buy the camera later in life, but the chance of helping people might not come back.” Said Shubham with a gleeful smile on his face. Such heroes deserve a grand salute and we at KenFolios wish them the best of life ahead.

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