COVID19 WARRIOR: When Savings Exhausted, Sold His Car For 250 Plus Oxygen Cylinder For Poor

The COVID 19 virus has affected numerous lives across the globe and the situation keeps getting worse day by day. Increasing unemployment and drastic economic fall are leading to mental stress and suicides. Amidst such heartwrenching times, Shahnawaz Shaikh from Mumbai took the much-needed initiative of doing the noble work of saving lives. “No pleasure can be compared to the pleasure of saving a life, and that is why I decided of giving up on all the materialistic things and helping the patients instead.”, Said Shahnawaz in a chat with KenFolios.

As we know, the COVID outbreak has massively affected the availability of beds in hospitals. It is really difficult to get a bed in a hospital in the current scenario. Shahnawaz witnessed many of them losing their loved ones because of the same reason. The important thing is the oxygen cylinder because most of the critical patients could be saved if the oxygen levels are taken care of immediately once the health starts deteriorating.

Since the lockdown started, Shahnawaz was already doing social work like distributing food, rational items, milk, etc to the people in need. He pumped in all his savings and even borrowed some amount from his peers to continue the noble work. 

“One fine day my friend called me and said that his 6 months old pregnant sister has passed away because of no immediate medical attention and that she and the baby could have been alive if her oxygen levels were taken care of. That broke me down and enabled me to take the initiative.” Said Shahnawaz remembering the incident.

Since then, there’s been no looking back for him. He was left with the savings of just Rs. 2 lacs and without even thinking once, he went ahead and bought around 20 oxygen cylinders. He then posted on various social media groups about delivering free oxygen cylinders to the patients in need. His posts went so viral on social media that he started getting innumerable requests that he couldn’t fulfill. He then decided to sell the only asset he was left with, his car. With the money that came, he brought a few more gas cylinders, but the demand was constantly rising.

Within no time, he also raised funds from people as he got the required media attention. He started a crowdfunding campaign, too. Everyday Shahnawaz woke up with the pride of saving lives.

“There’s no better feeling than this. This is I guess what I was born to do” Said Shahnawaz with a big smile on his face.

Coming from a humble background, Shahnawaz knew the value of philanthropy and how it can change someone’s life. Professionally, he is a real estate consultant from Mumbai and has come a long way to achieve his goals. 

Shahnawaz spent 15 lacs of his savings in helping people amidst lockdown. He was saving the amount to buy his flat in Mumbai. However, he feels that a flat can wait but God won’t ever give another chance to prove my worth on this earth. 

We at KenFolios salute the real-life heroes like Shahnawaz and highly appreciate the noble work that he is doing.

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