Created ₹2500 Crore Business From Rs 300 Job, Now Set To Take On Giants Like Nestle & Cadbury

It is said that if there is a perseverance and will to do something in life then no one can stop that person from reaching his/her goal in life. We all know about the immense power hidden with the younger generation, but turning them into positivity is a big challenge. Whenever it had been possible to turn this power in the right direction, new heights were always been achieved and will be achieved in the future.

Today, we have come up with a story of a person whose success will give the confidence to the younger generation that everyone in this world can be successful if the have the courage to compete against all odds. They only need to have the determination to overcome all the difficulties within themselves.

We are talking about the success of Jayesh Desai, the founder of the Rs 2500 crore worth Rajhans Group. Jayesh belongs to a village named Gharihar in Bhavnagar district, Gujarat which has been deprived of basic amenities for several decades. Born and grew up in a Vaishnava Bania house, Jayesh’s father used to run a small grocery store. After four daughters, Jayesh was born as the fifth child. The income from the grocery shop was too little to feed such a large family.

There was no money to meet the basic needs of the family. Jayesh had to struggle hard from his early childhood at every stage of life due to the economic crisis in the family. He was very fond of cars since his childhood but he knew that with his economic condition he had to contain himself by watching the cars only. However, many families in those days went to Surat from the villages and made their living by earning good money. When they returned to the village during the holidays in cars, Jayesh was very excited to see them and he was inspired to become big people like them.

Jayesh told that Gradually the majority of our community migrated to Mumbai.

With the help of his elder sister, he also came to Mumbai and he started working in a ball-bearing shop at Narayana Dhruv Street, Nagaredo on a monthly salary of Rs 300. He started his life in Mumbai by sharing a small room in Kandivali with 6-7 roommates sleeping on the floor. The room cost him Rs 30 per month along with basic meals. After spending six months in some way, Jayesh remembered the village again and wrote a letter to his father mentioning his desire to return back home.

In the year 1989, Jayesh returned to his village and started working in his father’s small shop to make it bigger. After selling oils and soaps for three years, Jayesh realized that his dream of riding expensive cars would never be fulfilled by running a small rented shop. During this time, one of his childhood friends returned to the village from the city in vacation. His friend made lots of money by being a diamond broker in Surat. He convinced Jayesh to come again to Surat. Once again, Jayesh left for Surat with only Rs 500 in his pocket and without any future plans in Surat.

When he reached Surat only Rs 410 was left in his pocket. He worked for a few months under the diamond trader, who was introduced by his friend. During this time an idea struck in his mind. With the help of a friend he bought a shop on Vachahar Road and started a business of selling oils. The shop was started with oil borrowed for a limited time from an oil mill of Tasga near Pavadi.

When Jayesh’s father came to know about this business, he used to send oil from the village and Jayesh sent money back to his father after selling the oil. This business was running well and the very first month Jayesh earned a profit of Rs 10,000. Going forward with this idea, Jayesh had already made a profit of Rs 5 lakh in the first year.

The initial success gave the strength and enthusiasm. After acquiring enough experience and studying the market well he started his own brand of oil known as the Rajhans. At first, there were only two oil tanks in a small shed in Kamraj.

Jayesh told that in the beginning, we used filtered peanuts and cotton oil. By 1995 our base in Mumbai had become strong enough and then we covered Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra to become one of the top five oil companies in that belt.

After achieving success in the oil sector, he acquired a textile mill in 1999, with the intent of expanding his business in other areas. This way Jayesh continued his journey forward year by year to become one of the renowned industrialists in the country.

Jayesh, who belongs to a pure vegetarian family, also opened three pure five-star vegetarian restaurants in Shirdi, Vaishno Devi and Tirupati. Recently he has also stepped into the chocolate industry with an investment of 200 crores to compete with the international companies like Cadbury and Nestle. Today the annual turnover of the Rajhans Group of Jayesh is over Rs 2500 crore.

The small child who once got inspiration to do something big while watching the cars of his fellow villagers is now inspiring others with his success.

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