Declined ‘Casting Couch’, How This Noted Singer Became A Spiritual Healer

Over the last two decades as the Indian economy has undergone a massive transformation in terms of consumerism, the chase to live a materialistically-rich life has also intensified. Our everyday struggle to attain financial success, fame, and stature by employing every bit of our physical and mental strength is compromising our inner-peace. By the time we realize the serious harm eventuated to our mental-peace, we are already at a stage of borderline-depression. Our materialistic approach often leads to an extreme need to attain inner-peace – something our money can’t buy.

Avril Q is one of the very few people who perceived the importance of mental tranquility at the right stage in her life. She not only trained herself to deal with the side-effects of materialistic lifestyle but also decided to help others learn the techniques to heal the unseen wounds we cause to our overall health as we strive to live a better life.

Avril grew up in a Mumbai based traditional Roman Catholic family who later shifted to Bangalore in 1992. She started singing for jingles at the age of 16 and graduated from St Joseph Arts And Science College in 1996. Avril earned Rs 1000 per day as a child singer. She, along with a person named Ravi Shenoy created the famous Cafe Coffee Day tagline ‘ A Lot Can Happen Over A Coffee’, however, the duo never got any credit for this work. In 1998, Avril shifted to Mumbai and started working with Magnasound. Till 2002, Avril traveled to many places across the globe to perform singing. She got married to a Finnish record producer Peter Jarvinen but got divorced in 2005 because of irreconcilable differences. Avril continued performing at Five Star hotels as a live singer and was one of the top-paid live singers back then.

Although she did exceptionally well and worked on some good projects in Bollywood to start, with every passing day she started comprehending the downsides of working in the film industry, ‘casting couch was one of them’ – the film industry she contemplated was full of negative vibes. Avril continued her music career without much of the opportunities from Bollywood and continued traveling. She got her Pranic healing certification at the Pranic healing foundation headquartered in Bangalore and was blessed personally by the founder Grand master Choa Kok Sui.

The turning point of Avril’s life was when her father was diagnosed with cancer. Her father’s health condition put her life in a difficult phase, both financially and emotionally. That was the time when she realized the fake relations in the music industry which are extremely special otherwise but nothing in real life difficult situations. The difficult time taught Avril a lesson about being self-sufficient when it comes to mental strength. She realized that when we rely too much on people for emotional support in a critical time, we are at serious risk of lacking much needed mental strength during critical times. It was a difficult time for her when she decided to strengthen herself spiritually and mentally.

Avril started learning spiritual healing techniques and adopted Buddhism to learn Tibetan Techniques. She also got a few clients from the US and UK and continued further learnings. Avril has also had personal audiences with the Dalai Lama who is one of her gurus. Avril is also THE ONLY LAY WOMAN to sing in Buddhist temple for 4000 monks and nuns in Tibetan. She has sung in Sanskrit the most important BUDDHIST SUTRA ’The Heart Sutra’ for The Dalai Lama who was very pleased!

In the year 2017, She quit the music industry and started her company ‘Avril Qs’ and launched her own ‘Qundaliniplus’ techniques for healing. Avril has developed her own TM method ‘Qundaliniplus’ which comprises of 4 distinct protocols which are based in Ancient Indian and Tibetan healing modalities along with modern western therapy techniques to give each client a comprehensive yet laser targeted solution to their issues. ‘Qundaliniplus’ techniques involve many other methods along with the famous Qundalini Yoga techniques to do spiritually, mental, and physical healing. Avril has helped more than 1000 people in workshops with customised therapy sessions and has a following of 1000s in 5 countries.

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