Delivery Boy Dared Big And Now Owns This Easy, Successful Startup Worth Millions

We live in the times of quick fixes. With food, home decor, medicines to clothes everything we want is just a click away. Except when you want something to refresh yourself instantly. And what better way to lift your spirits that a cup of hot tea? However, you need to have a kitchen to quench this craving or make do with a roadside cart which often compromises with hygiene and quality.

This is exactly what a young boy in Jaipur observed and did the right thing – to launch a much-needed start up that delivers quick, hot tea to people right where they are. It was the most comforting thing for hundreds of Jaipurians and they made an ordinary delivery boy earn Rs 1 lakh a month now.


Raghuveer Singh Choudhary came from a poverty-stricken family in Jaipur and had to prioritize work and earning before education. He could not complete his studies and after a lot of hard work, he secured job of a delivery boy with e-commerce giant Amazon against a monthly salary of Rs 9,000. Everyday, Raghuveer would carry ordered products and deliver them by going house to house on his bicycle.

After completing more than half of his deliveries, Raghuveer would take a short break and have a cup of tea to refresh himself. But the problem he faced was to find a proper tea stall. It was tiring to find a hygienic tea shop and even if he spotted one the quality of tea would be poor. This experience prompted him to dare and try to solve the problem.

The Making

Raghuveer had been saving since the day he received his first salary and decided to use that money to rent out a place, hire a person, install phones and make an entry in the market. His idea is to deliver quality tea to customers whenever they demand in 15 minutes or less. People can order on call, Whatsapp or their app even when they are chatting under a tree. Hot tea made with mineral water will reach you within a few minutes at only Rs 5 a cup.

I thought when companies are offering door-to-door deliveries of other items then why cannot the same be done for tea as well. – Raghuveer

Raghuveer did not think his idea will meet tremendous success but the truth is every shopkeeper wants quick welcome drinks for his customers and this new startup was solving their problem. In the beginning, he started preparing tea from a small room with his three friends. They were operating at a small scale as they did not have much capital.

Initially, they contacted small shops in the market and started taking their orders. Within a short period, they got orders from over a hundred shops and showrooms because of quality of tea they were serving. When they started, He had to serve tea going from shop-to-shop on his bicycle but with the growing demand he bought take a motorcycle to reach his customers.

Today, he has four tea centers in Jaipur and daily serves 500 to 700 orders from each center to the nearby shops, showrooms and houses. He is earning in lakhs of rupees and currently has 10 staff members working for him. His startup is serving sizzling tea to the whole of Jaipur with the help of four motorcycles.

Raghunath, once a delivery boy, making house-to-house delivery of goods on bicycles, is currently the owner of a successful startup. We learn from his success that there is no dearth of opportunities and ideas around us. All we need is to identify them, dare to take a leap, and apply ourselves to make them successful. One who recognizes the opportunity at the right time becomes successful and there is no force in this world that can stop him from being successful.

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