Dropout Sold Bike For 20K To Start Business, Now Does A Turnover Of ₹150 Crores

Academic and educational accomplishments are seen as benchmark values to evaluate one’s talent despite this model proving wrong repeatedly. A successful stint as an entrepreneur for a few years is nothing less than a degree from the best of the institutes. What should someone having entrepreneurial ambitions should do?! Should they spend tonnes of money on accomplishing a fancy degree which may be useless for them in the future? This ‘challenging-stereotypes’ scenario can confuse even the best amongst us, but stories like Jimmy Mistry are here to help.

Jimmy was raised in a humble Parsi family – his father worked as a salesperson for almost 33 years. Jimmy got dropped out of his engineering studies to become an entrepreneur. In the year 1991, he sold-off his bike and gathered an amount of Rs 20,000/- to establish his first business of pest control services. 

“I have seen my father as someone extremely dedicated to his work and doing hardcore sales throughout life,” Jimmy told KenFolios.

His consistent efforts brought him good business and a repute, his company soon started getting inquiries like plumbing, etc., leading to diversification in other household needs. He soon realised the scope of business in the area of luxury furniture and partnered with a few Italian brands to introduce luxury furniture in India. His company soon set up their first showroom in Mumbai and established branches at Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai. He also set up a branch in Dubai to scale internationally. His expertise in luxury furniture got him many turnkey commercial contracts – Jimmy continued scaling his business, relentlessly. 

“The only thing that I constantly look at is ways of expansion. That puts me under a lot of stress but Yes, it’s worth it,” Jimmy To KenFolios.

Jimmy kept researching and learning as his business continued growing. He soon became one of the best minds in India when it came to designing spaces. His company “Della Technica” ventured in almost everything that involved luxury. He ventured into premium real estate in Mumbai and set up the famous Della Adventure Park at Lonavala, Maharashtra to venture into Hospitality. The Della adventure park is one of its kind zone that has several Hotels, Suites, Villas, Spas, Many Multicuisine Restaurants, an Adventure Park and Training Facility, and whatnot.

Moreover, Jimmy also set up one of India’s largest galleries of interior products showcasing pin-to-piano of Interior designing for Home, Office, Hotels, and others. Jimmy is also a well-known speaker who is often invited to talk about ‘Designs’ at various reputed forums.

“We have created a 50,000 sq.ft. Flagship Gallery to re-define customer retail experience and are all set to disrupt the interior supply industry by making products like paints, sanitary-ware, tiles, and 2500 SKUs available online.” Jimmy Told KenFolios.

A small company started by a dropout with a tiny Rs 20k capital and a team size of two is now one of India’s renowned brands which continues redefining luxury, employs 2000 plus individuals, and churns a revenue of more than ₹ 150 crores.

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