Duo Turn Rs One Lakh Logistics Business Into Rs 6+ Crore Empire That Aids Environment

Mohan Ramaswamy was working on his integrated logistic business idea when he got to know about Sukhveer Dhariwal through a mutual friend, after meeting each other they decided they were a perfect match and founded Terrago Logistics, which not only provides hassle-free and easy logistics services to the B2B and B2C business but also strives to reduce carbon emissions in the environment. The duo invested Rs. one lakh in the business and began working hard to make the business run and grow.  

“That is how we both began working on Terrago Logistics and launched the business on 13th Nov 2017. We both have decades of experience and knowledge on Supply Chain and Logistics,” shared Mohan. 

Sukhveer hails from Moradabad, and armed with his MBA, he has worked in Supply Chain and Logistics, across FMCG, Consumer Goods industries. Mohan is also an MBA and hails from Bengaluru, he has also experience working with MNCs looking after Supply Chain, Logistics and Business processes. 

Terrago Logistics has three modes of operations- Intercity transportation, Intercity last mile delivery through Electric Vehicle and Logixmile – the tech product, an end to end e-market place. The duo called the company ‘Phygital’, “because we provide both physical and digital mode of logistic services to B2B and B2C through not only one mode of transportation but all,” explained Mohan.

In the four years that the company has been operational they have worked with brands like Times Of India, AbInBev, Carlsbergs, Molson Coors and many more. The company majorly deals with Consumer Goods, Food & Beverage, Industrial Goods, Retail and many others. 

The services of Terrago are available in 12 metro cities such as Delhi, Noida, Bangalore, Jaipur, Ahmedabad and others. They have a small presence in Kanpur and Chitur too. 

The partners of the business claim that Terrago Logistics is the fastest and one-stop solution for all the logistics problems. “Despite demonetization, GST imposition and then coronavirus pandemic we have been managing to survive and grow in the industry. We are now more than Rs. 6 crore revenue company,” said Mohan. 

Reducing carbon production

Terrago Logistics, while providing logistics services, is also doing its bit to reduce carbon emissions through Electric Vehicles that reduce or eliminate exhaust carbon emissions in the air. It has more impact in urban areas where millions of people drive cars. So far it has around 50 vehicles for intra city transportation in Bangalore, Chennai and Delhi. 

“Because of the coronavirus pandemic our plan to use 100% of e-vehicles for transportation services of Terrago has been delayed but we are working on it. We will be 100% e-vehicles transportation soon,” says Sukhveer.

Providing assistance to drivers

Sukhveer shares, “These drivers’ life standards are very low. They don’t have better working hours, no better diet and are out of home for days, and their pay is very low. As a result, they and their families struggle throughout life despite working longer hours and harder.”

This is the reason Terrago is also providing improved pay, and insurance and funds for their (truck drivers’) children education. “This is how we are trying to make their lives better. Since we are not a very big company, we are helping as many drivers as we can,” added Sukhveer, sharing that so far 150 drivers have been helped out. 

Coronavirus Pandemic

During the coronavirus pandemic, many people were laid off, faced pay cuts and lost their means of livelihood, however Terrago Logistics did no such thing with their employees. “On top of that, we actually hired a few more employees and trained for better performance. We used the time when business was low and barely running for training so that it can be helpful in future,” shared Sukhveer. 

He went on to share that apart from running the business, “We are striving hard to do something good for society and helping it grow in whatever ways we can.”

This story is submitted by Bilal Khan and edited by Alfea Shaikh.

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