During Covid-19 Lockdown, How Kapil And Akshay Made 40 Lac From Ancestral Farm-land

There are limitless excuses one can give for not being able to follow their dreams. Real dreams are not that you see while sleeping but are those that you see with the eyes wide open. Real dreams are something that doesn’t let you sleep. This is what young entrepreneur Kapil believes in and has successfully made his ancestral farmland worthy of churning enough revenue. Kapil Sorathiya, along with Akshay Gajera founded AK Brother-An organic Kesar mango supply chain that delivers high-quality Mangoes in various parts of India, UK and Canada as well. 

Planting A Seed Today For A Better Tomorrow

Kapil, who comes from a very humble background was an average student and spent his school days in the village, Mandorna, Gujrat. To pursue engineering, he moved to Rajkot. Professionally an IT engineer, Kapil worked at several IT companies as an intern. However, he never appreciated the idea of working nine to five and building an empire for someone else.

‘I never had the patience of pursuing a job and wait till the end of the month to be financially happy and the happiness doesn’t even last long. I always wanted to pursue entrepreneurship.” Said Kapil reminiscing his struggling days.

He worked as an unpaid employee for several months at an IT firm but gained a good amount of experience in the field. He was also keen on understanding export, so he worked in the export sector for a while and left when he gained enough knowledge.

“I was looking for a business to pursue when it struck my mind that why not scale up the family business with the farmland that we own.” Said Kapil in a candid chat with Kenfolios.

His father cultivated Kesar mangoes on the land, but it didn’t give satisfactory monetary returns, because he had to deal with various middlemen to sell the mangoes. Kapil decided to utilize the farmland in the right way and transform it into a revenue churning business. Kapil says, “I had expertise in IT and digital marketing, I joined hands with Akshay, who is thoroughly experienced with organic farming and we started growing better quality Kesar mangoes organically”.

Adding Tech to the tradition

‘AK Brother’ is widely known for its premium quality and luscious flavor. Kapil feels that the quality is the major reason for the success of this venture. Every year the clientele gets increased by fifty percent. Even if a single mango has defected, they replace the whole box with a fresh box for the customer. Kapil being a techie handled the social media and SEO of the venture. “The SEO is done in such a way that if you search for Kesar mangoes from anywhere in India or abroad, our mangoes appears first in the search engine. That is the reason for a good amount of international orders.” Said Kapil.

It sure requires a lot of efforts and constant posting on social media to do build the SEO of a brand, Kapil learned the skills while working as an employee.

The Future Goals 

Even in the COVID crisis, Kapil managed to do a business of Rs 40 lakhs in the season. He witnessed that the demand is increasing every year, he plans on building a sturdy team of farmers and provide the best quality mangoes to every corner of India. Later, he plans to focus on exporting mangoes abroad at a larger scale. 

Doesn’t this prove that working towards your dream is the key to a successful life? Hard work in the right direction can take you anywhere you want to be in life. 

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