Engineer, Fashion Designer Turned IPS Officer, Her Creative Ways To Nab Criminals Are Gold!

When we think about a supercop, we visualie characters from Bollywood movies. We seldom believe that such cops can exist in real life. Moreover, even in movies, the supercops are usually males. However, we do have a supercop in our country who is a female.

Say hello to assistant commissioner of Gujarat Police Manjita Vanzara who will smash your presumptions.

You will be surprised to know that before joining the police force Manjita completed her engineering, and fashion designing courses from reputed institutes. She worked successfully as a fashion designer before deciding to become an IPS officer and serve the society better.

Manjita comes from an affluent family with many close relatives serving in different government departments. However, she was never provided with a luxurious life or pampered with extra comfort. She says she has lead a normal life with her family and even during her school/college days. Like you and me, she would avail public transport and be the part of our society. This experience led her to understand the social problems and find a way to minimize them.

Although Manjita had a longing to do something for the society right from her teen years, she never thought of pursuing her career in civil services. She was very creative from her childhood and decided to do engineering after completing STD 12. During her engineering, she took interest in fashion designing and after getting the B.Tech degree, she cleared the NIFT examination and progressed to study fashion designing.

Manjita worked for with prestigious fashion brands but decided to pursue post-graduation in education. She worked as a lecturer in a B.Ed college, in Gandhinagar. During that period, she started preparing for civil services examination to become a part of the government sector. Her hard work paid-off and she became an assistant commissioner of police, in 2013.

Manjita’s mother inspired her in every possible way. Her mother could not complete her own education because of the adverse situation in her home but always understood the importance of education.

Today, Manjita is well-known as an honest and responsible police officer. She earned the reputation of an innovative cop who finds new ways to nab criminals. With Manjita’s initiative, the Chharanagar colony, which was once infamous for illegal liquor business, is now free from every illegal trade. She has received a lot of praise for her work.

In fact, many women in Chharanagar area were involved in these illegal liquor businesses and Manjita inspired them to leave the illegal trade and join the mainstream of the society.

There is another famous incident involving Manjita where she went into a gambling den wearing a burqa caught 28 gamblers red-handed. Her unique style of nabbing criminals has made her quite popular among the people. She has also carried out similar raids to uncover many sex rackets.

One can easily get an idea of Manita’s talent from the fact that besides being an engineer, a fashion designer, a lecturer, and now a cop, she is also a good Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi dancer. She is also associated with many social work organizations. She says many of her friends are getting salaries in seven digits (Rs 10 lakh or more) but for her, it is more rewarding to bring smiles on face of a poor woman or help a child with his/her education.

Manjita is also working for the advancement of women in the society. She herself became an example by choosing the profession of a police officer instead of pursuing her career in traditional professions for women.

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