Engineer Quit 70 Lac Multinational Job To Start-up – Churned 1.8 Crore Business Despite Pandemic

Life can be uncertain despite a full-proof plan, and Covid-19 has just proven it again. We ofter train our minds to avoid difficulties and adopt a safer way-of-living, nothing wrong with that but, we must also prepare ourselves to do our best in adverse situations, too. Stories like the one of Priyanshu Joshi and Nishant Pandey of Diginix AI is a perfect example of accomplishing great heights despite the worst circumstances.

After failing to get admission in IIT despite all efforts, Priyanshu did his engineering at Rajasthan Technical University and went on to study MBA from United States University Hult International Business School.. Entrepreneurial zeal motivated him to launch a few experimental start-ups during his studies, but he took up a job at a Swiss MNC in UAE post studies, at a high package of INR 70 lac take home. In December 2019, the entrepreneurial fire made him quit his high-paying job to start-up but, Covid-19 happened!

Like the entire world, Covid-19 was a testing time for Priyanshu & Nishant. Moreover, he had just quit his job to start a new company ‘Diginix AI IT Solutions’. Despite the unexpected calamity, Priyanshu decided to continue working on his new company despite the lockdown. The primary goal of his company is to offer affordable IT services to young entrepreneurs, but to support the company financially, he decided to register the firm in Dubai and attract international clients.

“Though one can do anything but not everything, no one is a superman who can do everything and my past experience with entrepreneurship in college days helped me learn this,” Priyanshu (CEO Diginix AI) Told KenFolios.

Priyanshu partnered with his friend Nishant Pandey to operate a company to execute the work orders in India. Unlike Priyanshu, Nishant evolved as an entrepreneur since the beginning of his career. Nishant’s’ existing company and experience proved to be an asset for Priyanshu’s entrepreneurial journey. Nishant had worked for many turnkey projects across world specially for government of India and developed state of art systems like smart e police. He has been actively involved in corporate sector projects as well specially payment systems and CRMs.

Priyanshu and Nishant built a team of 10 lead core developers and 15 other associate developers to full fill the orders they received from international clients. Once they also had upto 70 people on board to executing a project for them. Priyanshu also used his strong and wide network of friends across the world to get the business. Priyanshu’s idea and extensive corporate experience worked magic and his Dubai-based company soon started receiving orders that were forwarded to their Indian company for execution. Their company ‘Diginix AI’  has booked orders worth Rs 1.8 Crore in just eight months despite that pandemic.

“A vision is a vivid mental image of what you want your business to be at some point in the future, based on your goals and aspirations. Having a vision will give your business a clear focus, and can stop you from heading in the wrong direction,” Nishant (CTO Diginix AI) Told KenFolios.

Diginix AI is not just creating employment opportunities for Indian developers but also offering IT services to young entrepreneurs at the lowest prices. Their Indian company Diginix Technologies India Private Limited has been in the industry since 2013 and contributed to various IT projects of national importance. Their work includes the security projects done for the Government of India and the Government of Uttar Pradesh that fetched them many national awards like the FICCI homeland security award for 2019, they are also recipient of SKOCH Award as the highest civilian honour in the country conferred by an independent organisation and many others.

Priyanshu’s decision to quit a high-paying job and start a company met with the unexpected Covid-19 crisis but, business ethics, dedication, efforts and a good team got Priyanshu and Nishant a whopping business despite the pandemic. Their tale is an example of how to believe in yourself despite challenging situations and emerge victoriously.

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