Entrepreneurship Is His Internship – 17-Yrs-Old Sikkim Boy Setting An Example

Most of us work hard towards fetching a reputed degree and pursue a career in the same field but only a few with entrepreneurial mindsets manage to bring about a much-needed change in society. Prajal Regmi from Sikkim is an engineering student but instead of doing an internship, he is following the entrepreneurial route at such a tender age. 

Prajal grew up in a humble family and has always been a fan of businessmen. His role models being Ratan Tata and Mukesh Ambani, it was destined for him to be an entrepreneur. He grew up with the mindset of bringing a revolutionary change in society and that is what exactly he did. After completing his academics, he got introduced to the creative side of Sikkim in his college days. Soon he fell in love with the talents like singers, dancers, musicians, and rappers.

Prajal built some good contacts from his college circle and started doing events to promote the local artists from the Northeastern state of India. He is also venturing into the apparel business by launching his brand, Ripra clothing. It all began when he witnessed the immense amount of talent amongst the musicians and poets of Northeast, he felt the urgency of taking up the initiative of promoting these talents. 

He started contacting the artists from his college circle and invited them for open mic. The initiative resulted in gaining the appreciation it needed. People, especially the young audience started talking about it and soon it became a popular thing to do for college students.

“I just started this with the only aim of promoting the hidden talents. I didn’t expect that it’ll receive so much love from the audience.” Said Prajal in a chat with KenFolios.

Northeastern states do have some kickass singers, rappers, dancers, and poets. The Talenthouse didn’t have a platform before Prajal took responsibility. Prajal has emerged to be one of the most influential personalities of Sikkim. With the money he made from the initiative, he didn’t spend them on unwanted luxuries like a car, bike, etc. like every other college student. Instead, he launched his apparel brand under the name of Ripra clothing which manufactures the utmost quality t-shirts with quirky designs. 

“I feel that Sikkim needs to be introduced with quirky fashion sense and premium clothing, that is the thought behind Ripra clothing.” Said Prajal.

Chasing an entrepreneur at such a tender age is not a cakewalk but Prajal is working hard every day to make. Not just Northeastern India, but the whole nations will need many more youngsters like Prajal to improve the socio-economics.

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