Ever Been Serious about Making Money? If Yes, Mukesh Ambani Has Tips for You

Making money is the top most priority for most of us. And if not the top most, it is one of the most important of them. Working extra time, rolling out new ideas and putting those additional efforts, is this sufficient?

Money might keep equal importance for everyone but making money is not equal for everyone. Few earn tons, while few struggle for grams. So, what is the real difference? Ever thought about it?

There are several straight ways that ensure good money and career, good education is one of them. But who can bet that good education or passing out from a good institution will fetch those much needed bank balances? I guess, no one can really.

So where do things go wrong? Is it essential that one has to compromise with the quality of life to be wealthy? I really don’t think so. Because I have rarely seen a wealthy person doing it that way.

So who can tell us about making money and being wealthy? Can someone who is already wealthy? Yes for sure. So who better than the “Emblem Of Wealth” Mukesh Ambani share some tips for being wealthy.

Mukesh Ambani is wealthy and a very good businessman. He is the man who has taken Reliance Industries to this success and it is believed by experts that he has the attitude of making big money.  Here are the tips by Mukesh Ambani himself.

1. Money is not everything but important.

Mukesh Ambani’s father, the legendary businessman Dhirubhai Ambani always said that “Money is not everything but important”, Mukesh Ambani truly believes this. His say is not to run behind money all the time but take money seriously.

2. Dream and plan for fulfilment of dreams.

Mukesh Ambani believes, running behind money is wrong but dreaming to do something good is not wrong. One must have dreams and appropriate plans to fulfill dreams.

3. Don’t try to be hero just be good at your work.

Mukesh Ambani leads the largest business house in India but he is rarely seen in media. He believes that being good at things you do will naturally make you an icon and trying to be known is useless unless your work is recognised.

4. Trust what comes out of heart.

There have been several controversies about the Ambanis building their house or buying an IPL team. However, Mukesh Ambani believes that despite being controversial but his decisions are the one which came out of his heart. He strongly suggests that one should do what comes out of heart.

5. Trust everyone around you but do not be dependent on them.

Mukesh Ambani has seen extreme difficulties in early stage of his career. He understands handling critical situations. He strongly believes that one should trust everyone around but should never be dependent on anyone for critical times.

6. Taking risk is the best way to learn.

He believes that every step taken is not always right but people who take it with good intention, go on to learn things. One who does not take risk, would never achieve success.

7. Keep your energy on.

Mr. Ambani suggests that one should not be tired of their work. The attitude to work must remain everytime. One should love their work.

8. Encourage people around you.

Encouraging people around you should maintain a positive surrounding. One should be ready to spend on the betterment of a team or people around.

9. Be alert about things around.

Mukesh Ambani says that one has to be alert about the market and things happening around. You have to be the best if you have to reach the top and you must understand being best.

10. Innovate for future.

And finally, he says! Success is not a permanent destination. One has to keep on innovating for future to make sure that success stays on.

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