Failed At First, Learned From Experiences, Now He Is Helping People Fulfil Their Entrepreneurial Dreams

Jahaan Khurana got his foot in the door in his first attempt despite the failure of his maiden restaurant – Roti Aur Boti(A Shawarma Outlet). Amidst increasing uncertainties about the future and no window of opportunity in sight, Jahan felt nearly broken. But as they say, the only certain thing about time is that it changes. Today, Jahaan has successfully opened 12 different branches of ‘Roti Aur Boti’ all over India and in Hong Kong that deal in delightful and tasty Shawarma. Also, he has launched his brand ‘The Rolling Plate’ which is an opportunity for every aspiring Entrepreneur who feels that the food industry is their true calling. 

The Failures That Molded Him As An Entrepreneur 

Jahaan was an average student and a happy-go-lucky child. His father was a businessman who dealt with cable wires. The arrival of DTH made his father switch between businesses, Jahan witnessed this transformation. On being taught about the importance of education in his childhood, he would just say ‘Even if nothing worked out in his favor, he would just buy stuff from here and sell it there.’ After completing, Jahaan was advised to visit a business exhibition happening in South Africa which could help him generate an extra source of income. While traveling to South Africa, a halt at Doha introduced him to Shwarama(a doner kebab). 

He loved the concept so much that he decided to bring it to India. After hustling day and night researching the demand for his product in India, he finally opened his first outlet in Delhi and named it ‘Roti Aur Boti’. Eventually, his maiden outlet failed miserably leaving him devastated. He garnered resources and courage to open another restaurant at a different place. His hard work paid on this occasion and his brand soon became popular. Success recharged Jahan with a feeling of accomplishment and went on to open various branches of ‘Roti Aur Boti’ across India and one in Hong Kong. 

“It was all going great until I realized that there are so many expenses attached to different outlets, so why not invite more people to invest and get take the revenue share and make it fruitful for everyone”- Said Jahaan in an interview with Kenfolios.

The Beginning Of ‘The Rolling Plate’ 

He started doing his research on this and after immense brainstorming and traveling across various countries, Jahaan finally launched his brand ‘The Rolling plate’ where they sell franchises of different restaurants to the investors. Jahaan says, ‘’The one who owns a franchise with us, don’t need to get involved in any hassle, the operations of such cloud kitchens are managed by us. They can earn a good amount of money from their comfort zone. Plus, they don’t have any overheads like no rent, salaries, electricity and other bills to pay. 

A Plethora Of Opportunities For Every Aspiring Entrepreneur 

In a world where everything is happening online, enables this business model to churn more and more money out of it. The plus point of this business model is that anyone from any part of the world can buy a franchise from a list of restaurants to choose from and cherish the profit. Every franchise owner is given a mobile application that enables them to keep a check on the sales, live video access of the outlet they invest in, and revenue tracking. The Rolling Plate has many clients from the US and Canada. Especially in such hard times when people are getting sacked because of drastic economic fall due to Covid19, they can just buy a franchise starting at just Rs, 3 lacs with The Rolling Plate, and generate a stable source of income. 

‘The best thing that I’ve learned in my life is that no matter if you fall several times, but you need to get up after that. Every failure leads you one step closer to success.’ Jahaan shares the philosophy that he lives by. It does not matter where you come from, his journey proves that life can take you anywhere you want, just depends on how much you want it.

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