Fighting Depression To Earning Rs 50 Crore In One Year. Story Of A Superwoman

When she started off with making YouTube videos, she thought the maximum subscribers she could get was 1,000. When she touched that mark, she made a video as a tribute to all her subscribers. Never did she think she would become YouTube’s highest paid female star.

Yes, give it up for Lily Singh known as Superwoman who earned $7.5 million in 2016 making her the highest paid female YouTuber and third highest paid YouTuber overall. She started her YouTube channel just six years back and has a huge 10 million subscriber base. Her videos and funny and full of expressions of things we usually overlook. If you think this fame came to her easy, it hasn’t.

Fighting Depression

Lilly was engulfed in depression in the last year of her college. It was around the time her grandfather died. She was very attached to her grandfather and had a hard time cope up with this permanent loss. So what did she do to come out of it?

She started making YouTube videos which began picking up soon. Her decision was also backed by her parents which boosted her to keep going. She has literally worked every hour of the day to build and increase her reach.

When she was young, Lilly wanted to become a rapper, a musician, a performer, an entertainer but these dreams vaporized as she grew up. She studied psychology and was about to pursue the subject for masters but she realised she could do it no more. She couldn’t keep her dreams waiting and began spending more time on internet and started out with making funny audios.

Today, personalities like Michelle Obama, Madhuri Dixit, Selena Gomez, Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) and many others have worked with her.

Keeping Her Promise

At the end of every video, Lilly promises to upload a new video every Monday and Thursday and she does what she says. She says many times she wakes up stressed out because she doesn’t have a video but makes sure that anything that she puts out is relatable with people. “That is my number one priority,” she says.

The star often plays high on her Punjabi card which is extremely popular with the fans. She plays more than one role, which includes mimicking her parents, and keeps getting requests to do more of parents video. One of her most popular video is “Sh*t Punjabi Moms Say” which is hilarious.

For Lilly, bad days do not happen – or if they do they must be gleefully disguised

Another thing that Lilly has fought back is the tag of being a brown women. It is very common that white people are given more exposure and spotlight but Lilly smashed every stereotype and made it to the top three popular YouTubers!

Lilly has shown how important it is to pursue one’s dreams and give it everything one reach at the top. We hail you, Superwoman!

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