From Narrow Streets Of Lucknow To Winning B’wood: Riya Shukla’s Inspirational Journey

Every day, thousands of success stories are written around us. So many dreams are born and chased. At every step, life teaches us that there is nothing other than hard work and determination that can attain you success. You don’t have to have big names associated with you to be successful. What matters is to what an extent you can go to chase your dreams.

One exemplary example of hard work is this young girl from Lucknow, Riya Shukla, who made her way to the big screen. However, her journey was not very hunky-dory, as Riya had to conquer many obstacles in her path.

In 2018, she was seen sharing screen with Rani Mukherjee in her film Hichki. In a conversation with KenFolios, Riya shares how she made her way through this journey.

From narrow streets to big screen

Riya grew up in Aliganj, Lucknow with three siblings. She stays in a small government quarter, given to her father who is a PWD employee, with her family.

Riya’s might have grown up in narrow streets of Lucknow in a small house, but her dreams are limitless. She stepped in Bollywood from Swara Bhaskar’s movie Nil Battey Sannata. With her new movie Hichki, she is getting love not just from people in Lucknow but from the entire country.

Stepping in the film industry

Riya, who is also a classical dancer, was once informed about a film audition going on. She went to audition for the film when she was just 14-year-old and impressed everyone on the set. The director liked her acting a lot and Riya was immediately offered the lead role in the film.

“While learning classical dance, I got to now about Nil Battey Sannata’s audition. After the audition, the director told me that Appu’s role is made for me only,” she recalls.

“Suddenly I have started getting a lot of respect and attention that sometimes, I feel very strange about it.”

However, it was not as easy as it might sound. When Riya went to audition for the movie, she was very young and naïve. She did not have any experience in acting. On top of that, her father did not want her to act. It was only after a lot of convincing that he agreed and is finally happy to see Riya successful.

A house as a gift

Riya says, “We middle class people are not born with a silver spoon. Suddenly, after getting a lot of fame and attention, which I am not used to, I feel like going to a quiet place for some time.”

However, she feels extremely happy with the love and support she is getting from the audience and gets ecstatic when someone asks her for an autograph.

Since childhood, Riya has lived in a small one-room house with her parents and three siblings. She has gifted a house to her parents where she will shift soon with her family.

Daughter like her for every parent

After the success of her first film, Riya started getting offers for many advertisements. She even got the best actor award.

In the award function, Riya caught attention of the casting director of Yashraj Films who liked Riya so much that she wrote a role for her in the movie. Riya is thankful to her family and fans who have given her so much love and fame.

She hopes that with her success, many other parents will allow and support their daughters to step out in the world to explore their talent.

Riya is an inspiration to so many young girl who step back when any challenge comes their way. It is very important to conquer everything and move ahead in life rather than giving up on your dreams. She believes that it is important to work hard and keep learning. When a person stops learning, life stops and they are unable to move ahead.

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