From Repairing Radio And Computers To Building Rs 200-Crore Software Empire

In modern Indian society, the idea of success revolves around working hard in school and securing life on the basis of academic performance. But every once in a while we come across people who take the road less traveled and inspire masses with their work.

Kailash Katkar (49) is one such successful personality who was forced to quit studies because of poverty and harsh life conditions. Today, he owns a company worth Rs 200 crore.

Rough childhood

Born in a lower middle-class Maharashtrian family in Satara district, his struggle began early in life. His father was an employee in an electronics company in Pune and did not earn enough to support the needs of his family. Right from his school days, Kailash decided to improve the financial condition of his family. He worked in a radio and calculator repairing shop and started learning the process of repairing electronic gadgets.

Unable to balance work and studies, he did not pursue formal education after matriculation and decided to devote more time to work. He saved some money from his earnings and opened a radio repairing shop in Pune. In the very first year of operation, he earned Rs 45,000. He worked hard all day and night and this initial success filled him with confidence.

Taking the leap

The journey to build Rs 200 crore-empire from a small radio repairing shop was an uphill task. The software business was at its peak at that time, but Kailash had little knowledge of computers. He completed a basic repairing course in 1993 and set up a computer repairing shop. It was a major success and he earned a profit of over Rs 1 lakh.

Winning against viruses

By this time, Kailash’s brother Sanjay was about to finish his studies in software and expressed his interest in joining the business. Together they developed the famous antivirus QuickHeal. In the beginning, people were not keen to buy their product which is why the duo offered the antivirus for free and gradually managed to make a mark in the world of software.

Kailash established a company called QuickHeal Technology and gave a whole new to his business. The two brothers began selling their product successfully over the internet and introduced the world to their business. Today, the company’s turnover is in hundreds of crores and people from more than 20 countries use it.

Today, Kailash is the CEO of a company with a valuation over Rs 200 crore. His success shows us that talent and hardwork is never affected by lack of facilities. If you stay focused and do not get demotivated by initial days of struggle, success will eventually find you.

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