From Rs 60-Salary To A Crorepati Real Estate Tycoon: Fascinating Story Of A Common Man

It is easier to run away from difficult times in life, but people who face it bravely emerge out stronger and are recognized as winner. Every phase in life teaches us something new in life. Those who keep trying ultimately reach their goals however difficult it may seem at the beginning.

Rajkumar Gupta has faced countless difficulties and challenges in life but sheer hard work and passion turned around his life for good. The man who once was forced to run his family on just Rs 60 per month now owns hundreds of crores of rupees. Gupta has established himself as a famous real estate tycoon, the founder of Mukti Group.

He was born into a poor family in Punjab. The financial situation of his family was so bad that he struggled to complete even his initial schooling. Somehow, he managed that and then left for Kolkata for further studies.

Rajkumar explained that after completing his studies in 1978, he took up a job in a private firm for a monthly salary of merely Rs 60. After spending a few years in that company he shifted to Hindustan Motors, where he was fortunate to get some raise. In Hindustan Motors he also got the opportunity to learn the tricks of the trade and how business is done. He then decided to enter in the business of real estate brokering.

Gradually, that small business took a bigger shape, and eventually, Mukti Group was born. This was a big step towards success. In 1984, he launched his first residential project in Hooghly district of West Bengal. With the help of modern architectural ideas, Rajkumar Gupta came up with the idea of multi-storey housing in the belt for the first time. Since then Mukti Group has emerged as a big name in Bengal with several successful projects, including entertainment hubs, multiplexes, international hotels, lounges, fine dining restaurants, and has given the real estate sector a new dimension.

Even after achieving such success, Rajkumar Gupta remains humble and never lets his ego dictate terms. He has a sense of kindness in him and is well-known as a kindhearted person.

Rajkumar explains – “I am lucky that I got success and today I am living my life happily. I thank my stars for providing me such opportunities and want to do something for them who are not as fortunate as I am. It is not necessary to do charity in a large scale. Even small help can create a big difference in lives of many.”

Rajkumar started doing similar works to help common people. He launched a free dispensary for the poor. Even though he had to face financial losses because of these works he never stepped back from such philanthropic works. Rajkumar’s stature grew because of his service to the society and he made contact with many good and dignified people. All were impressed with the ideas of Rajkumar and began to cooperate with him.

There was a time when the Mukti Group started getting get very attractive proposition in the field of real estate, but at that time the airline sector was starting in Asia. Rajkumar decided to be a part of Asia’s airline sector. Although he was planning to start his own airline company, he lacked the necessary information in this regard. Yet he went to Delhi and met the aviation minister to get the license. When he met the joint secretary, he was told that he will not get a license as the government will not give license to a man who does not have the necessary technical training and other criteria.

Rajkumar Gupta explains – I told him, “I do not know much about this sector, but I am a good and successful entrepreneur. I can take others with me for technical knowledge and organize the required finances.”

Impressed by his honesty, the government gave him the license. But when he was about to start the airline company, the Harshad Mehta scam shook the whole nation. There was a turmoil in the new liberal economy of India and all the investors refused to invest in a new and emerging sector such as airlines. As a result, Mukti Airways crashed even before it took off.

Rajkumar Gupta was initially left shocked with this failure because he had to spent precious time to make this dream a reality. But he did not give up and continued to learn from different successes and failures in life.

“Looking back, I realized that we all get delighted with success, but failure is always there right besides the success. Failure gives us the true education in life. I believe that someday I will turn Mukti Airways into a reality, but I am still happy with the success I have achieved so far.”

Rajkumar Gupta was confident despite numerous challenges and problems. He never got distracted from the path of success and duties in life.

Giving his message to the younger generation, Rajkumar Gupta says – “It is commendable to be successful, but you can not go ahead in life only by thinking about yourself. You have to see yourself as a part of the bigger picture. There is a need to do the work which matters and even the smallest work must be done with a sincere heart, only then success will be achieved.

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