From Rural Bihar To Building Over $100 Mn Empire, And Helping Youth Get Jobs

A look at Aditya Jha and Henry Ford might have said “He personifies success”. The Indo-Nepalese Canadian Entrepreneur, Jha has been doing more for the world than the world has done for him, and this is what Henry Ford summarized as success. With several startups and businesses under his belt, Jha has made every bit of his fortune from scratch and is now giving back to the society in its rightful way.

An immigrant to Canada, Aditya not only made a living for his own, but also a legacy to boast of for generations. Born in a Maithil family from Janakpur, he was raised in Sitamarhi, Bihar. With a family of three brothers and two sisters, Aditya was brought up in a middle class family. His father was a lawyer by profession and practised law in Dhanusa district of Janakpur.

Right from his childhood, Aditya had a strong inclination towards studying computers. After completing his secondary education, he went on to pursue post secondary education from New Delhi. Even though from humble beginnings, Aditya always set his goals high. He believed anything was possible as much as he set his mind to. Started with a B.Sc degree from Hans Raj College Delhi University and M.Sc. Mathematical Statistics at Kurukshetra University, he went on to get a PG Diploma in Computer Science from Kurukshetra University.

Aditya further went on as a research scholar at School of Computer and Systems Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University before visiting Paris, France for Mainframe computer training with CIT Alcatel for six months. He was the recipient of UGC’s junior and senior scholarship and research associateship from Council of Scientific and Industrial research. He was very vocal during emergency situations in India. He lead the largest student organization in India as General Secretary for Delhi and Haryana state. It was during this time, Aditya had faith in himself about leadership qualities and people skills.

Started career in India, then Aditya subsequently worked in Singapore, Australia and South East Asian countries. He migrated to Canada in 1994 and joined Bell Canada. He co-founded a software company, Isopia Inc. and later was acquired by Sun Microsystems for over $100 million. Later, he started Osellus Inc, another software firm with offices in Toronto and Bangkok, and diversified his portfolio through acquisition of several businesses.

Acquired a confectionery manufacturing business and named it Karma Candy. He helped save more than 150 jobs in the process. From 2013-2017, He was the international CEO of Euclid Infotech. In February 2017, Jha acquired dgMarket International Inc from Development Gateway. But more than his success, he is known and loved for his philanthropic activities. He runs Private Charitable Foundation (POA Educational Foundation) to promote education and nurturing entrepreneurship to increase job opportunities for the youth.

Aditya believes in promoting financial independence to the less fortunate. He has personally undertaken several social activities around India, Nepal and Canada. As they say you need to have a lot to give a lot. That’s exactly what Aditya Jha’s life is all about. After having almost every possible milestones he must have set for his life, he is constantly making and achieving his philanthropy goals.

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