From Zero Investment, 25-Y-Old Jammu Girl Builds Digital Marketing Company During The Pandemic With 100% WFH Model

Sanjana Nischal, a 25-year-old from Jammu, started her digital marketing company Digital Kong marketing solutions just 20 days before the nationwide lockdown in India, but still managed to turn it into a successful venture. Talking about her journey, she says, “At the very beginning, one master skillset needs to be the pillar of strength for the business, even when everything else fails.”

Sanjana left her job working in digital marketing to go for a break to her hometown but was approached by old clients to continue working for them, such was her work ethic.

She shares, “That is when I thought about starting a digital marketing company.” So Sanjana launched her company with two clients and a graphic designer, “I needed no investment in terms of finance. A laptop with an internet connection and that was it.”

It will soon be two years since the company was founded and now has nine clients and 15 employees from Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Pune and Jammu, Sanjana shares, “I was not scared, I was excited, it was a challenge to work remotely but turned out to be of great advantage later on.” 

The company started with providing services related to social media marketing but now has expanded to other areas too. Their services include digital marketing and strategy which helps brands in increasing conversions on their websites by strategizing and executing goal-based campaigns on channels such as Google search engine, social media ads, and emailers to convert them on the website. Social media management which creates tailored content specific to the brand’s needs for all social media platforms to generate awareness, engagement, and virality, performance marketing provides a strategic approach backed by in-depth merchandise and website data to offer a combination of ads and UI UX leading to direct increase in ROI. Other services include search engine optimization, web design, influencer marketingpublic relations and Product shoots.

The coronavirus pandemic affected many businesses negatively, but according to Sanjana, the pandemic has helped her grow the business. “I am not saying the pandemic is good, of course, everyone has suffered, but everything went online during the pandemic which made businesses realize that online presence and services are important for any business to grow and reach a 100x wider audience,” she shared. 

Sanjana comes from a very academically-oriented family with her lecturer mother, scientist father and lawyer sister. She shares, “My parents never restricted me from what I wanted to do. They were really excited when I told them about this idea. They let me move to different states for studies and work for which I am very grateful. This helped me to learn from my own experiences and mistakes.”

She went to St. Mary’s Presentation Convent Sr. Sec. School, Jammu and then School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, Jammu University for her undergrad. Later on, did a digital marketing course from IIM, Jammu.

Sanjana shares that doing something with our lives no matter how big or small is something every woman should strive for, saying, “Leave the fear of failure because it exists only in your head, just do it anyway. If you are passionate about what you do, you will eventually succeed.” She adds, “Being consistent is key, and will pay off – sometimes sooner than expected.”

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This story is submitted by Bilal Khan and edited by Alfea Shaikh.

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