Fuel Your Dreams: This Boy Rose From Small UP Town And Built A Start-Up Worth Crores

The young guns of our country have established several successful businesses all because of their talent and never give up attitude. One of such successful entrepreneurs is Sumit Jain who comes from a small town in Uttar Pradesh. He made it possible to combine real estate with internet and changed the terms of the entire industry.

Coming from a middle-class family Sumit displayed undying spirit and courage to establish himself and become an inspiration to the young generation.

Born and brought up in Khatauli, Uttar Pradesh, Sumit has achieved a feat which is certainly dream-like for many entrepreneurs. His father ran a small shop near their home to support the family. To help his father, Sumit sometimes assisted him in the shop alongside his studies.

I used to study in the shop and whenever a customer came I would hide my books and attend them. I got back to studying after attending them – Sumit

There was no pressure on Sumit to score well in school but taking inspiration from his elder brother Sumit always worked hard to the extent that he topped his district in mathematics. This achievement soared his hopes and he resolved to attain great heights in the future.

With a single-point focus and extraordinary hardwork, Sumit cracked the examination for IIT and took admission in IIT-Roorkee. He was firm on doing something big in life and the path of entrepreneurship always attracted him. In college, he often discussed about various business models with his friends to increase his knowledge and constantly keep an eye on opportunities.

Unlike his friends who ran to their homes in semester breaks, Sumit spent his holidays working and interning with companies. He also began designing websites which were warmly received by people. His involvement in technology also made him realize the potential it carries and started planning a business around it.

After receiving his degree from the prestigious institution Sumit began working for Oracle but his mind kept wandering off to start a company of his own. In 2007, he quit his job and joined hands with his friends Lalit Mangal and Vikas Malpani to set the foundation for CommonFloor.com.

The company took-off as an apartment management solution provider which used internet to connect vendors to apartment owners. His idea was so powerful that in a few months time it became the leading real estate company. Their brand started attracting internet giant like Google within no time. Today, the company is valued in several crore rupees.

All this was made possible only because of Sumit’s dedication and hardwork. His desire to create something new purely from scratch made him one of the most popular young entrepreneurs of this generation.

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