Gangavva Dadi – The Next Ganganam: From Rolling Beedis To Millions Of Followers And Fame

Everyone knows about the famous Gangngnam Song of the year 2012 and its artist Gangnam – Southern India has someone with resembling name and rare fame. Meet Gangavva: the Youtube sensation dadi from Telangana, India. She is yet to become as famous as Ganganam but surely possesses a similar atypical talent – the talent that has brought her uncommon fame and millions of followers across the social web.

The atypical dadi Milkuri Gangavva led a normal village way-of-living of most of the time. Her life was all about a drunkard husband, three children, and a laborious job to work on the farmland. She worked like a trojan as a porter on the farms and rolled beedis as an alternate job.

Gangavva dadi’s life changed when she got an opportunity to explore her hidden talent. Two young and tech-savvy men Srikant Sriram(Gangavva dadi’s son-in-law) and Anil Geela decided to film the village life in dadi’s village Mallial Mandal in Jagitial district, Telangana. In the year 2016, dadi’s son-in-law started filming in the village and featured his mother-in-law in the videos.

“Sriram filmed plants, shrubs, and trees in the village, but I thought the boy was wasting his time? I had never imagined the video would one day change my life”, Gangavva dadi told media in an interview.

Soon, the show that portrays village life in a funny and satirical way became very popular on Youtube and Gangavva dadi became the popular face of the show. Her popularity got her offers from various TV shows and movies and she started traveling from her village to cities in Telangana State.

Without any formal education beyond grade one, Gangavva dadi’s distinctive Telugu accent made her popular in Telugu cinema. After a few guest appearances following the success of her Youtube series, Gangavva dadi started working full-time as an actress. She has appeared in Telugu movies like Malleshwaram and iSmartShankar. She has also received Women Achiever awards from Telangana Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan.

As of September 2020, Gangavva dadi’s Youtube show “My Village Show” has 1.65 million followers and her Instagram account has 48k followers.

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