How 5th Pass Fruit Seller Took His Business To 12 Countries And Became A Millionaire

This is a larger than life story of a farmer who started off by selling fruits on his cycle but today owns a million dollar business which is spread over 12 countries. You will be surprised to know that he has only passed primary school and began selling fruits to earn a few bucks. With his hardwork and determination, today he is one of the most successful farmers in the country.

In a country where farmer suicide often makes it to the headlines, Surinder Singh is an inspiration for the young generation that considers farming as a lowly profession. Born into a very poor family in Abohar, Punjab, Surinder did not know any better and began selling kinnows in the streets of his hometown. Every morning he bought kinnows from the farmers or directly from the mandi and sold from door to door. This went on for several years and he was able to carry on with his life.

In due course, he realized the potential in the fruit business and set-up a fruit stall in the local market. He business was doing well and he could save some money. Taking another step he decided to expand his business but did not have enough funds. He approached the bank and loaned some amount to open a wholesale store at Punjab mandi. It was not an easy task to keep the wholesale business profitable throughout the year but Surinder did not give up.

To give strength to the business he started supplying kinnows in the nearby cities. His idea proved to be fruitful for the business and he earned handsome profits by doing so. The success motivated him to dream bigger and he decided to take his business overseas. Presently, his operations have expanded to Dubai, Bangladesh, Brazil, Ukraine and many other countries.

Surinder tells that kinnow is a seasonal fruit and is available for only three-and-a-half months. But he spent crores of rupees to build pack house and cold storage to ensure year-long availability of the fruit.

With a view to always keep growing, Surinder has also bought four AC trucks worth Rs 40 lakh each to supply kinnow to South India in the off season. In addition to this, he has also opened a factory for making crates. Surinder believes that this will help in long-distance transportation of fruits without any damage and attractive packaging.

The approach to keep expanding his business and infuse technology for better preservation of fruits has brought him a long way and his company is making an annual turnover of crores of rupees every year. His efforts have provided employment to more than 400 people and shown the farming community that no limitation can stop you from achieving success if you keep looking for opportunities.

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