How An Ordinary Girl Became IAS Officer And Sent Father’s Murderers Behind Bars

This story is about the extreme struggles of a woman who is known as a fiery IAS officer today. Her name is enough to send chills down the spine of even the most notorious criminals. But the hardship that she faced while growing up will make your heart rattle.

In her childhood, at an age when she should have played with her friends, this girl had to travel with her mother from a small town in Uttar Pradesh to the Supreme Court in Delhi, sit all day in court and come back home at the night. At that time, the little girl had no idea that this struggle will continue for the next 31 years.

This girl was only six-months-old when her father, who was a police officer, was killed by his own colleagues. After losing her father she was raised by her widowed mother with great difficulties. From early childhood, she understood their life struggles and built the strength within herself to fight against all odds. You will not believe how this girl worked hard to be successful in the IAS exam, then made her younger sister an IAS officer and finally helped his father’s killers go behind the bars after 31 years of trial. This is not a plot adapted from a film but a real life story that inspires the masses to stand up for their rights.

This story about Kinjal Singh (on the right in the photo above) who is one of the most popular lady IAS officers of India. In the year 1982, her father district Deputy Superintendent of Police KP Singh was shot dead by his own colleagues in Gonda. At that time Kinjal was just six-month-old and her sister was still in her mother’s womb.

The lonely widowed mother Vibha Singh has raised both Kinjal and her sister Pranjal while fighting against his husband’s murderers. Kinjal’s mother got a job in a treasury in Varanasi but majority of her salary went in doing the rounds of courts. Despite all difficulties, their mother always encouraged her daughters to study hard and reminded them of the unfulfilled dream of their father who wanted to become an IAS officer. The results of IAS examination came out a few days after he was killed and it was revealed that he had passed the examination.

DSP’s last words were, “Please don’t kill me. I have two little children”

Kinjal and her younger sister Pranjal gave their everything to continue their studies and become successful in life. Kinjal being a topper in studies all through her childhood got admission in the prestigious Lady Shri Ram College in Delhi. During the first semester of graduation, Kinjal came to know that her mother was suffering from cancer and will soon die. The news came to her as a brutal shock. Kinjal, who already lost her father, had no one else in this world to support her in life apart from her mother. The health status of her mother deteriorated further after going through several rounds of chemotherapy. But, her mother was fighting against the disease with every bit of energy left in her body. The fear of leaving her daughters alone in this world was making her anxious.

Kinjal found it extremely difficult to watch her mother go through this unbearable phase. She then promised her that one day both the sisters will become IAS officers and will bring justice by getting their father’s killers punished. The confidence in her tone gave Vibha Devi the much-needed mental peace and she died a few days later. Kinjal had to return back to Delhi after two days of her mother’s demise as she had to sit for an examination. Kinjal coped with all the difficulties and won the gold medal for becoming the topper in Delhi University.

But the time had now arrived to fulfill the promise she made to her mother. After finishing her graduation, Kinjal called her younger sister to Delhi and rented an apartment in Mukherjee Nagar. There the two sisters started their preparation to crack the IAS examination. At that time their uncle and aunt took care of them.

While other girls used to visit their friends and family at regular intervals, the sisters always remained focused on their studies and did not go to their hometown even during the festive season. The sisters became each other’s strength and inspired each other continuously. Then the day came that was witnessed by the whole nation. The results were announced and both the sisters cleared the IAS examination in 2007 and fulfilled their mother’s dream. Kinjal ranked 25th in the merit list of IAS examination while her sister secured the 252nd rank.

The two sisters then took over the battle to give justice for their murdered father. Their determination shook the judiciary of India. The Uttar Pradesh court gave death sentence to three of the policemen charged with the murder of the DSP KP Singh. After 31 years of struggle, on June 5th, 2013 the CBI special court in Lucknow gave the due punishment to all the 18 policemen responsible for the killing DSP KP Singh.

Today, Kinjal Singh is known as one of the most honest and stern IAS officers of the country. But her journey till this point was not an easy one. She had to go through the extreme struggle to reach this stage of life. Despite losing her father at the age of 6 months, she learned to fight with the situations and become an IAS officer on her own. She also helped her sister to become an IAS officer thus fulfilling their mother’s dream.

By giving punishment to their father’s killers Kinjal has proved again that the daughters are equally competent and no way less than the sons. Kinjal Singh’s success is an inspiration to every Indian.

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