How I Quit My Secured Engineering Job And Built A Start-Up With Rs 60 Cr Turnover

In recent times the craze for launching startup companies has increased significantly among the younger generation. Research suggests that a large number of Indian youths are preferring to bid goodbye to lucrative jobs and are building their own startups.

The main reason behind this shift in mindset is that they get the well deserved recognition and name through their startups, which the jobs will never give. It is this desire of the younger generation to see their talents getting appreciated, which drives them towards startups. These startups not only help the individuals but also the society as a whole by eliminating key problems people face.

Paras Chopra is one such person who built his own successful startup after quitting his secured job as an engineer. His venture is now listed in the top successful startups in the country with an annual turnover of over Rs 60 crore.

The 25-year-old has a degree in biotech engineering but had a keen interest in computers since childhood. Born and brought up in a middle-class family in Punjab, his father had bought a computer for official work. Paras grew up watching his father sitting in front of the computer. At the age of 13, when other children used to play games on the computer, Paras started programming. By the time he completed his schooling, he became specializing in programming. However, despite having a keen interest in computer, he chose biotechnology for further studies.

Paras explains that in school days, he read an article on ‘How to Start a Startup’. This inspired him enough to think of a startup for himself. He tried his luck in three or four different startups during his college days but failed as there was no concrete business model to convert them into successful businesses.

After completing his engineering successfully in 2008, he started his career as an engineer. But his passion and the urge to have his own startup never faded away. So, besides doing his job, he also continued to explore various possibilities of starting startups with new ideas. He worked hard and at last became successful to prepare a project having a mixture of analytics, technology, and marketing.

Paras did not have the enough experience of marketing but still, he chose this field as a new challenge and learning area. He started working on his project with strong desire and confidence while doing his job simultaneously. His goal was to create a platform for Google Analytics that will help the users to improve and optimize their websites. After nearly eight months of relentless hard work, in the year 2010, he successfully launched his desired software named “Visual Website Optimizer”.

The product was an instant hit with millions of people liking the product within a few months of its launch. His parent company ‘Wingify’ became one of the top analytics software providers of the world. After this tremendous success Paras left his job and focused completely on his company. Soon he managed to place his company at a new height. By January 2011, the turnover of the company reached Rs 18,83,548, which has currently crossed the figure of Rs 62,78,49,500 ($ 10 million).

Paras now has over 40 employees serving the company with over 7,500 customers worldwide. Some of the well-known clients of Wingify are ClearTrip, Microsoft, General Electric, Groupone, Airbnb, Walt Disney and

Paras had started this company with his savings. Today, his company became one of the most successful startups of the world. Paras had a very good job, he could have maintained more than a decent living, but he still got motivated to do something of his own, something bigger and today he became one of the successful personalities in India.

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