How Indore’s Anoop Used Rs.1500 Salary To Make “420 Papad” A 200 Cr Company

Coming from a humble family doesn’t mean that you have to face poverty all your life. It is completely in your hands to change your fate. The journey of Anoop Singhal is yet another example that proves life can take you anywhere you want if you strongly believe in your victory. Anoop Singhal from Indore is one of the directors of Agrawal’s 420 Papad, Namkeen, Masala, Bakery products and Sweets. A family business that was founded by Hukumchand Agrawal, Kailash Singhal, Prakash Singhal. The current directors are Narayan Agrawal, Rajesh Singhal and Anoop Agrawal.

What once started as a small-scale business with just 50 women papad makers, today hires 1500 women and 600 other employees. The company’s current valuation is around Rs, 200 crores.

Beginning of the Entrepreneurial journey

Anoop was extremely fidgety since childhood, he was keen on dismantling the toys and knowing the process. He also had an entrepreneurial mindset in his teenage, which certainly helped him later in life. The financial situation at his home was unstable and unfortunately, Anoop didn’t pay much attention to education after completing the tenth grade. He worked at one of his relative’s business where he earned Rs, 1500 a month. Anoop’s father was a serial businessman, he tried his luck in several businesses but struggled all his life.

Reminiscing those days Anoop says in a special conversation with Kenfolios, “I remember my family striving to make ends meet, that was the time I decided that I am going to transform the financial condition of my family, and touchwood I did that.”

420 began in 1962, with the motive of serving savoury papads in Indore. Back then, they used to produce only 50-100 kgs of Papad a month. When Anoop entered the business, he brought revolutionary changes that scaled up the business. Like, he replaced the candle heater that was used for packaging with an electric heater. Also, he was quite inspired by a competitor brand ‘Parag Papad’. Anoop witnessed that the competitor produced 1000kgs of papad a month, and asked himself a question ‘Why can’t we?’ He operated day and night to scale the production and within a few months, he met the target of producing 1000kgs of papad and successfully selling them. 

420 ventured in Namkeen five years back, which failed miserably in the beginning. But as they say, Failure is a step towards success, Anoop relaunched the namkeen sector with improved quality and made sure that the team achieves the sales target, and soon it became a massive hit. Now, 420 does the production of approximately 15 tonnes of Namkeen and is already at #2 in the Namkeen sector in Indore. 

420 recently launched bakery products including bread, cookies, and rusk, and its already gaining appreciation in the market. Every customer is repeating the products because of the quality they deliver. On being asked about the reason for every product’s success, he said, “We use the best quality ingredients. No matter what, we never compromise on the quality.”

420 is a well-known brand in Indore and a few other parts of MP. 420 recently launched a distribution chain in Mumbai and is already gaining positive responses from the consumers. The future goal of Anoop is to deliver the best products in every part of India. He is planning to raise funds on his brand that will enable him to scale 420 much higher.

Anoop believes that hard work never goes in Vain. He says “Goals are pure fantasy unless you have a specific plan to achieve them. Setting a realistic goal and working consistently towards it will surely take you to your destination.”

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