How These 2 Engineers Turned Simple Idea of Selling Tea Into A Million Dollar Business

Each of us must remember the awkwardness while answering the question, “So, what do you want to do in life?” For many years the answers would mostly limit to a few options such as medical, engineering, teaching, and chartered accountancy. But with changing time, these trends have changed too and people have started considering unconventional career options as well.

Recently, the startup wave has hit the younger generation so hard that even the established doctors and engineers are looking to build their businesses and are ready to leave their well secured positions.

Abhinav Tandon and Pramit Sharma are two such youngsters who, after completing their college, went on to launch their own start-up project instead of pursuing their career in engineering. Their startup idea of selling quality tea to common men is now raking in annual turnover in crores.

Abhinav and Pramit from Uttar Pradesh found a great business idea in a cup of tea. After getting a degree in engineering, the two friends started looking for a new and good business opportunity as they always wanted to do something of their own. Eventually, the idea of selling tea in an unconventional manner clicked with them and they launched their startup Chai Calling, a retail store.

The venture of Abhinav and Pramit solved one big problem of tea lovers in a whisker, the delivery of hot, quality tea at their doorstep whenever they desire.

Birth Of The Idea

Both Abhinav and Pramit, one being a software and the other an electrical engineer, were well-placed with fat packages in separate multinational companies. It is worth mentioning that during their engineering days, these two friends regularly used to read business magazines. They wanted to start a business right away, but the lack of capital prevented them from flying on their own. They both decided to open a business which will generate more employment opportunities with minimum investment need.

Abhinav says all throughout their college and job they bought tea from street vendors and the quality was low on every occasion. This is where they got the idea of starting a business of selling good quality tea.

How They Started

In order to start their business, both the friends bid goodbye to their jobs. They launched their first tea shop in Sector 16, Noida, near the Metro station with an initial capital of Rs 1 lakh that they had saved from their salaries. By serving pure and quality tea to the customers they made thousands of people their loyal customers within just a few days of operation.

Their Big Bang

For the first time, they introduced fast home delivery of hot tea. They named the concept as “Chai Brigade”, which gives delivery of hot and quality tea in just 15 minutes. Currently, Abhinav and Pramit are running a total of 10 tea stalls and are looking forward to expanding their business in other cities as well. These tea stalls offer 15 varieties of tea, ranging from Rs 5 to 25.

The annual turnover of the company has now reached to crores of rupees. These youngsters could have continued their well paid white collar jobs, but instead chose to have their own business built on their own abilities and provide employment opportunities to others.

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