How This Entrepreneur Duo Is Setting The Benchmark, Helping People Adapt To An Organic Lifestyle

The need for a sustainable lifestyle is ever emerging. We all want to preserve what belongs to us for our offspring’s, then why not the Earth and its resources? Most member states have ratified the United Nations’ convention on the adoption of Sustainable Development, but have we implemented it in our everyday lives? 

Shreya Kothari and Renata Millett’s brand Verth is inspired by the phrase ‘we are Earth’ and is a zero plastic subscription box company. The aim is straightforward; to help people make the sustainable switch without burning a hole in their pockets. The want to live an eco-friendlier life is often dismissed by the price tags on the products – this is where Verth comes in. You can customize a box for yourself or your loved ones and all of it starting at just 799/-. Now isn’t that a steal? 

Renata Millett. Photo: Krishna Vijayvargiya

Apart from providing you with an eco-friendly, zero plastic box at an affordable price, Shreya and Renata have also been trying to connect to smaller brands across the country with a mix of known brands. They help these brands sell their products on Verth’s website and increase their business. This allows consumers to choose the identical product from multiple brands depending on the quality and price of the product. They also allow you to buy individual products at an affordable price. The stocking and shipping of particular goods are undertaken by Verth to decrease the shipping cost and ensure zero plastic packaging.

Often when you are trying to establish a business, the need to make profits overpowers everything else. Still, Shreya and Renata haven’t let that sway them away from their original goal. They realized that most of their earnings come from corporate gifting solutions, and hence, they focused on covering up for other products that hardly fetched any profits, setting a balance in the company’s revenue model and help them keep up with the excellent work.

With the idea that one’s actions are never too small to make a big difference, the duo has taken it upon themselves to identify brands and artisans that work on sustainable products and give them a platform to sell their products. Everything is eco-friendly, from the hemp used to make headbands to the paper used in the customized notebooks. Right after the culmination of their brainchild in 2020, Shreya and Renata have been able to take upon over 500 corporate gifting boxes and sold over 800 individual boxes. All the products that are available on Verth’s website are first tried and tested by the duo. The checklist to ensure that the brands are sustainable entails eco-friendliness, plastic-free, cruelty-free, economical, paraben, and toxin-free, and adhere to safety and fair-trade practices. 

Shreya Kothari. Photo: Krishna Vijayvargiya

We often splurge on gifting rather than ourselves, which is why Verth has introduced making our box vertical for every occasion. The duo is already dealing with demands from most sections of society and is looking forward to making our lives more sustainable, one box at a time.

This story is written by Arshita Singh.

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