How This Man Is Rejuvenating The Health-Care Infra Of North-Eastern States With His Ingenious Start-up!

Adding value to the lives of people around you is probably the most pleasing thing one can do. Imagine being stuck in a situation where you hardly have access to healthcare facilities and having to tread miles without any assurance of meeting a medical practitioner. This is the plight of most Indians in the rural parts of the Country. 

When Biswajit Paul moved back to Silchar post his mother’s demise, he was taken aback by the situation of healthcare facilities in his district. A common grievance that brings people together but how many of these people thought of a solution? Biswajit’s observation of the lacking basic amenities, unavailability of doctors, and missing medical infrastructure triggered the design of QuickObook, an application that brings together everything that you need concerning medical health. Not only can you book an appointment, but you can also check the reviews of these doctors and order your medicines from the ease of a touch. The app allows you to track your appointment so that you aren’t spending time waiting in queues while your body is in pain. 

QuickObook’s QOB Connect stores, the medical history of patients for future references, as well as test results and prescriptions making it easier for a doctor to detect ailments in advance and give the patient a better treatment. The most observable fact is that QuickObook can be accessed by people without smartphones as well. The team identifies bigger drug stores or general stores in smaller clusters and ties up with them under their Franchise Model, and these stores make bookings and order medicines for a meagre amount. This method makes the app more accessible and saves the lives of people who don’t have the same privileges. 

The journey for Biswajit hasn’t been as smooth as it seems. The first eight months after he started in 2016 were challenging as they had no appointments booked through the application, but the last three months turned out to be the deciding factor of QuickObook’s fate. The team booked over 1000 appointments in their first year running, and they haven’t looked back since then. Biswajit gives the credit for this to his co-founder Jewel Sen and the rest of his team.

Not only this, but QuickObook is a registered start-up company under the Centre’s “Make in India” program with 1,200 plus doctors enlisted across the Barak Valley and nearby north-eastern states and has touched the lives of over 3.2 lakhs patients so far. It is incubated in IIM-Calcutta, IIT-Guwahati, Assam Start Up Nest, Nasscom, KIIT University, Bengal Chamber of Commerce, and NIT Silchar. It already received seed funding grants of Rs 50 Lakhs from the Assam government under My Assam Start-up ID. The start-uphas already spread its wings across three States and fifteen Districts; Biswajit is planning on expanding through the whole of North East. They have also received a seed fund of 1 crore. The company also works on partnering models for newer cities on revenue sharing basis. To know more about QuickObook, you can always check out their website.

We’ve always heard that ‘Grief is Selfish,’ but Biswajit’s story shows us that it isn’t always. The circumstances in which he moved back to Silchar weren’t ideal but what he did for the people is what he is rewarded for. Popularly known as Practo of the North East, QuickObook goes a step ahead and helps you access healthcare both online and offline, standing the test of time.

This story is written by Arshita Singh.

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