How This Young IAS Officer Changed The Way Kerala Eats In Just 15 Months

Here’s about a fiery lady IAS officer of our country whose name sends chills down the spine of the criminals. This IAS officer, who ranked fourth in the UPSC examination in 2010, is an example for all other government officers. With her honesty and courage she has proved that girls are in no way less competent than their male counterparts. This story about a woman IAS officer who destroyed the adulteration racket in Kerala and put the offenders behind the bars is extremely motivating.

We are talking about the young IAS officer TV Anupama who currently holds the post of Food Safety Commissioner in Kerala. Her name is enough to rattle the traders involved in food adulteration. Anupama is well-known for her strict nature and has made life hell for illegal traders by charging multiple raids at different locations simultaneously.

Afraid to get caught and prosecuted these traders have completely stopped their operations. You will be amazed to know that in mere 15 months Anupama has produced over 6,000 adulterated food samples before the court and has initiated 750 cases against the traders who were found guilty of food adulteration. For her courageous act, Anupama is known as one of the toughest and most ferocious IAS officers in the country.

During her tenure, Anupama has raided many markets of Kerala and upon investigation, many food items were found to be contaminated with as much as 300% pesticides, which is much higher than the allowed limits. This high dose of pesticides in food is extremely dangerous for human health. This is why Anupama decided to take stern action against such adulterating traders. This decision became an example of good governance and common people regained their lost confidence in the police and system.

IAS Anupama also inspired people to cultivate their own vegetables in their backyard and initiated a campaign for the same. The campaign was wholeheartedly welcomed by the locals and even the state government began promoting it after the parent campaign met with a tremendous success. Soon this initiative bore fruits. Previously, 70% of the required vegetables in Kerala had to be bought from Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Now it is just the opposite as the people of Kerala are growing around 70% of vegetables.

The officer also took help of social media to promote her campaign. She has inspired millions of people via her campaign on social media website Facebook.

In a country like India, where corruption, theft, and adulteration are at their peak we need not one, but many courageous and honest officers like Anupama in different sectors. We hope that the honesty and courage shown by Anupama may inspire other officers to act in the same manner and help make India a corruption-free nation.

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