I Had A Childhood Dream And There’s Something You Must Know While Chasing Yours


Everyday, thousands of people come to Bombay, the birthplace of Indian cinema, following their passion, to make a place for themselves in this city. Their journey is arduous and especially for those who do not have any back support or Godfather in the industry. Despite of all the challenges, there are only a handful of people who survive and make it on the big screen.

However, a very famous dialogue from the movie Om Shanti Om goes, “Agar kisi cheez ko shiddat se chaaho toh puri kaaynaat usey aapse milaane ki koshisho me lagg jaati hai.” And when it comes to this person, it is spot on.

His big-hearted smile still rings bell in thousands of hearts. He captured our minds and hearts when he played the role of a determined deaf and mute boy, in a remote Indian village, dreaming to play for the country in the movie Iqbal.

Shreyas Talpade is an actor who has left an imprint from his art and brilliant performances in movies like Dor, Om Shanti Om, Golmaal Series, and many more.

In a timeless conversation with KenFolios, Shreyas unfolds his experiences in the film industry and how he chased his passion.

“I grew up in a middle-class Marathi family. As a child, I was intrigued by movies and plays. I remember the time when I went to watch a theatre play. I was so fascinated by it, and it left a deep impact on me. The dream of becoming an actor was sown inside my heart. Eventually, that dream started growing and I started performing in various plays in school and college. To polish my acting skills and learn more, I joined theatre.

When I expressed my wish of becoming an actor to my friends, they laughed at me. They told me that being a hero is not a work or employment. But I had faith in my dreams and myself. I wanted to do something on my own, with my capabilities. With every failure that pulled me down, I stood up stronger, and moved ahead to pursue my dreams. I make it a point to stay away from negativity in my life.

The initial phase in the film industry was long and struggling. I would stand in long queues for hours to audition and keep visiting various studios only to get a ‘no’ from directors and producers. There were times when I was selected for a particular role but after a few days they would call me to tell that they need a popular face and deny me. It was so heartbreaking but I always took it up as a challenge and work harder.

After tasting yet another rejection, I would wait and ask them about my shortcomings rather than coming back demotivated. There were people who would deny to answer my question but then, there were many kind ones who would tell me my flaws and how I could improve.

I would always give myself the needed strength and move ahead with my dreams. Because by that time, I was certain that I have to make a place for myself in the city of dreams. I wanted to give answers to all those people who mocked at me and my passion for acting, and rejected me.

There were times when I would come back home, rejected, and my mother would tell me, “kuch aur kaam kar le” because a mother can never see her son like that, devastated.

One fine day, destiny took a turn for me and finally success knocked on the doors of my life. I got opportunities from television serials and then from films. It was the time for me to showcase my skills. I made the best use of all the opportunities and gave my best. Then Dor and Iqbal happened and I started getting praised by all those people who once criticised my dream.

After that, I did many comic and other roles, which I will continue to do. I also stepped in the production line. I do not believe in getting afraid and quitting. Rather, I would accept everything and face all the challenges that life throws at me.

Rules before chasing dreams

On must believe in themselves and the situations, as everything happens for a reason. Do your work with honesty and success will definitely come to your footsteps. There is no shortcut for success but if you are smart enough, there is no stopping back.

Success comes to those who ignore negative energy, accept failures, and work hard.

Take every day as a new challenge and keep learning from each and every instance. Learning is a continuous process. The day you stop learning, you stop growing. Remember that people always remember those who make a name for themselves from their work.

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