I Have Learnt That Optimism Can Never Co-Exist With Despair

We live in a world where someone individuality is scarcely celebrated. Everyone is struggling to become someone else, something they are not. However, one should make no bones about what they lack and should instead focus on their strengths and move ahead in life.

The hero of today’s #LeapOfFame might not be rich in the height department but his craft and dedication is enough to overshadow most of us. Rajpal Yadav has defied the notion that body height is an important parameter of success in the film industry. With more than 100 films to his credit in a two-decade long Bollywood career, he has made the audience angry, laugh, and even cry.

In an earnest conversation with KenFolios, Rajpal Yadav talks about his inspiration amidst a pool of criticism, and how he overcame one hurdle after another.


“Earlier I would think that people who have a personality, looks, and physical built are truly lucky. Initially, it was hard to digest that I have less than average height but once I accepted the reality, I was able to focus on my strengths and put them to maximum use. I understood that luck doesn’t reside in someone’s physical dimension, rather it is crafted in the mind of an individual. This was when I shifted my attention from height to fight.

Beginner’s view

I have learnt that nobody can not be an expert in understanding life because everyday is a new beginning. Never once did I think about giving up in life. I don’t like to go back in the past that often but when I do I revisit and revise the lessons of life and feel thankful for what it has made today.

Always remember that each day gives you an option to live, fight, and conquer. Accept and embrace what you have achieved, and neglect whatever you don’t lie and mark it as a lesson for lifetime.

Dose of Charlie Chaplin

Life has made me solve the toughest of puzzles, and every time I feel perplexed by such problems, I think of Charlie Chaplin. We all know how he was forced to go on the stage in front of a large audience when his mother Hannah inexplicably lost her voice in the middle of a show.

Though Chaplin was unprepared, he gave an unforgettable performance and lit up faces in the audience. That day, he just had two options at his disposal, either do or die. He chose to do it and left his everlasting impact. It is from him that I learnt, “Chandragupta hamesha jhopdiyon mein paida hote hain (fighters always emerge from the worst of life’s miseries).”

Highway to fame

As the popular saying goes, “two swords do not fit into one scabbard”, one should always remember that optimism can never co-exist with despair. Therefore a man who claims to be hopeful cannot be heartsick alongside. One has to give way to the other. That is where one’s choices play an important role in composing the poetry of life.

I am fortunate enough to have seen brighter front of reality, yet I do face the harshest truths time and again. But now I don’t get crushed under the weight of life’s sorrow, as I believe that even the darkest phases are temporary. Always remember a fundamental phenomenon where a bright morning always overshadows a dark night and it is true that there is simply no obstacle strong enough to defy the law of the nature.

So be hopeful for a brighter future, keep loving your fellow human beings, be kind to every person you meet, be compassionate towards your goal, keep moving forward, and your dreams will surely guide you to home.”

Bada wo hota hai jo kabhi chhota tha. Main toh bachpan mein bhi kabhi chhota nahin tha aur aaj bhi bada nahin hoon.

Conceptualized by Sparsh Upadhyay

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