IIM Alumna Quit High-Paying Job To Chase Passion, Now The World Knows Her

Every person dreams of something and the biggest happiness they can get is by achieving what they dream of. There are a lot of hurdles that come in the way but persistence is the key. Writing is one creative field that captures interest of a huge number of people. That art did not fail to lure Swati Kaushal who had writing in her veins but did not realize it sooner. But as they say, better late than never.

Today, Swati is the author of four bestselling books and is writing her fifth composition. She is a mother with aspirations that soar higher that the sky. She used to come up with crisp and catchy taglines when she was in the marketing business that resonated well with the audience.

Swati graduated from IIM Calcutta, followed by a highflying corporate career. However, her mind was set on changing the world, one page at a time. She spent several years in brand management in global companies while juggling motherhood. She soon realized that she was stuck in a rat race. She understood that life had a lot to offer, only if she was ready to spread her wings and embrace the novelty. This feeling drove her to take a break from her corporate job and explore life elsewhere.

After that, she started writing her first book ‘Piece of Cake’, after taking recommendation from a journalist friend. Although Swati left her corporate life behind, the shackles of her past were not ready to leave her. She got an offer from one of the leading global companies but her determination made her turn the offer down.

When asked about the fear of failure and losing her identity as a corporate individual, Swati says, “The initial fears that came with change were certainly potent as corporate life had become the intrinsic part of my identity. However, I also realized that it was not just taking care of my child that led me to this decision. Although it was a considerable part. Somewhere deep within me was this growing recognition that life was too short to not follow one’s heart. This desire kept me going after I quit my job as I was set to rediscover myself.”

After unloading the baggage of her corporate life, Swati started enjoying life. She had the burning desire to do something with her writing skills that was travelling along with her. She realized that her voice was contemporary and showed it with a fundamental part of her professional journey.

At one point in life, her husband’s new job made them shift to the US where life had to be started from the scratch. Swati recalls of a morning when she was reminiscing about some incident from her past job life. The incident was funny so she decided to pen it down humorously. It made people laugh and she got a recommendation to write her own book. She was nervous when she started penning her first book but as she proceeded, it gave her the courage to finish it faster.

Swati’s love for writing was over everything that life offered her.  As she was sailing through, she got another job offer from an online tutorial in the US, which she declined. Many people called her insane, which made her very sceptic if her book will see the light of the day. “Deep down it was a scary choice”, she confesses.

She chose a completely unknown road over a stable job. “It felt as if I was guided by my intuition. I was in a zone where I felt it was my calling, where neither money nor security tended to matter”, Swati recalls. “I was opening myself to rejection and ridicule”, she adds.

People mocked at her decision, suggesting her to not waste time in writing and go back to the work where she was successful. “It was a leap of faith that I took. I knew that if I did not write the book now, it would never get written,” Swati says, her voice jumping a notch. “Besides, only I could write this book; this job on the other hand could be done by someone else”.

Swati’s book is an amalgamation of success and hilarity. It became the Bridget Jones version of India. The success of her book was a slap on the faces of people who critiqued her decisions. Her book ‘Piece of Cake’ has undergone six reprints and has been published in three different languages.

The success of her book has put a silence on the critics. Her book is an amalgamation of success and hilarity. It has become the Bridget Jones version of India. Her book ‘Piece of cake’ has undergone six reprints and has been published in three different languages.

Swati is an example of a strong mother who has shown how you can follow your dreams by taking one decision and working on it. Her advice to aspiring women writers is, “Write fearlessly and simply be yourself”. She adds, “the real reward of writing is the ‘process’ of creation… fame is just a by-product”

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